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"Know Breaks"

Know Breaks Self titled LP "Know Breaks" is soon to be released on their new website set to launch within the next coming months under no label.
The Know Breaks are some of the newest fresh Hip-Hop coming out of the Twin Cities. I am an extremely picky Hip-Hop critic, if you have no flow, now rhymes with a bad beat, prepare yourself to be shredded to pieces with my words. Luckily, the Know Breaks keep it hot and fresh through the entire album, even the interludes have great vibes with just enough of a break to work as the interlude but keeps you wanting more.
My favorite track on the album is "Any Moment" with both Colin Hodges and Dez Da Scribe together on the mic, the song just works. The instrumentals are great as well. Dez Da Scribe has great flow which gives all of their songs the potential of some great Hip-Hop. Colin has a great R&B voice that could give any other R&B singer not only in the Midwest but in the US a run for their money. Not to mention he plays guitar with great soul and he shreds his guitar as if he is the male Orianthi (before her pop album.) Wade Donze is the third main member of Know Breaks, besides playing keys he also "plays a very involved role in the production and writing of the music and lyrics," says Dez and from what I can tell the partnership between these guys is working out great.
I can't wait to see what is to come from this group. As soon as I get more information on the Know Breaks new website I will be Twittering about so be sure to follow me on Twitter. And for more information about the Know Breaks check out their Facebook page. - Shelby Fisher


Know Breaks Self Titled Debut Album

01) Know Breaks Intro
02) Monday Morning
03) Dying To Know
04) MOVE!
05) Dez Interlude
06) Any Moment
07) Open & Closed Case
08) Answer The Door (When Opportunity Knocks)
09) Go Ahead
10) Lesson Learned
11) Colin Interlude
12) Just Sayin' Nuff Playin'
13) You Can Try
14) Say Goodbye



Depending on whom you ask, or when you ask them, Know Breaks might be defined as a number of things. On their debut album, (self titled) or at a live performance, you could hear anything ranging from Hip-Hop, Rock & Roll, to R&B, and Soul. With influences ranging from The Roots and Big L, to Jimi Hendrix and The Who, Know Breaks has created a truly unique style of cross-genre, boundary shattering music that is sure to catch the attention of any listener.

When it comes to songwriting, all three members of Know Breaks (Courtney, Hodges, and Donze) play an equally involved role in the entire creative process. Some songs are primarily written on the keyboard, while others are written on the guitar, but the final product is always Know Breaks.

Since forming in late 2009, Know Breaks released a full-length album, and is currently working on a second.

Jared Desmond Courtney A.K.A. Dez Da Scribe is a songwriter, rhythm guitar player, and the primary mouthpiece for the hip-hop end of the Know Breaks spectrum. After penning his first song at fifteen, Courtney manifested “Dez Da Scribe”, his over-the-top performance persona who grew to be known for quality writing, impeccable rhythm, and powerful delivery. These skills matched with his ability to play and compose on the guitar make Jared a crucial ingredient in the Know Breaks mixture.

If Know Breaks is sweet fried chicken, then Colin Hodges is the hot sauce to spice things up. Singer, songwriter, and lead guitar player, Hodges views himself as “Another brush to supply groovy hues to brighten the picture that is Know Breaks.” Hodges released his first full-length album in 2007 with his Hendrix-like power trio Casual Confusion, an experimental indie classic that explored areas from psychedelic rock, to sensual Motown-like R&B ballads. The son of soul singing legend Johnny Hodges, (managed and opened for The Temptations for 15+ years) Colin and the rest of Know Breaks are forging what will soon be known as the “new Minneapolis sound”.

Wade Donze (production, songwriting, keyboard) does what he has to do. As the world rotates on a broken axis Donze tries to capture the harmony of motion through song. Approaching each composition as a “set of sequences” allows for “subtle intricacies in his completed productions”. Wade views Know Breaks as “the strongest and most inspiring thing he has ever been involved with”.

Supported live by a full band, (Zach Dennison on drums, and David Belanus on bass guitar) Know Breaks (and it’s members individually) have performed with several hard-hitting acts like Toki Wright, The Unknown Prophets, Parallax, and White Light Riot.

“When you listen to us, we look at each other, then make you look at yourself.” -Colin Hodges