Know Issue

Know Issue

 Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, CAN
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Know Issue is a hip hop band from the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Now seven members strong, the band creates layers of groove with an undeniable down-home charm.


Know Issue is a seven piece band from the South Shore of Nova Scotia. With rural and urban vibes, poetry and passion, the band takes you off the beaten path and into a world of modern hip hop. 

Lyrically reflecting on tough times, change, and honest living, the human condition becomes evident and creates a groove that appeals to all ages. Playing to sold out shows all over eastern Canada, Know Issue has played some of the East Coast's Finest - Three Sheet, The Idlers, Dub Kartel, The Mellotones, Electric City Underground, Jon Mckiel, Look Look, Air Traffic Control, J-Bru and many others.

Know Issue's first album "Just Human" was nominated in 2012 by Music Nova Scotia for hip-hop record of the year. Now with three additional members, Know Issue has steered away from the use of backing tracks and focuses on giving live energetic performances. The band is currently self-producing & recording their second album, due to be released June 2016.  


I Want Change

Written By: Rick Boutilier

I want change, but lately I can't see that coming
There's still kids in the sand box thinking they nothing
I want change, and it can come that quick
I got a son on this planet so I just can't quit

I want change, man, these leaders the same
They wanna read about it, me I wanna stand in the rain
And get wet, see real life is blood and sweat
when the tears fall down nah, its not regret

I want change, cause most men are just running
around earth to find dirt and try to hurl it at someone
but hold on, cause that's not the way that we play
you get along or get out, or get that box away

I want change, and this making me ill
they took it out the food had us swallow a pill
I want change, about to take it it vain
god damn rich man, yeah, you really insane

I want change

I want change, so right here and right now
man, I'm looking in the mirror to try to figure out how
but it found, the path ain't always so straight
man, it twists and it turns and so I go by faith

I want change, cause man something gotta go
I was ready for the weather but not ready for the show
and i know, life like an act and I'm in it
but really earth turn slow, so man go with it

I want change, and look ya'll it's happening now
some of this some of that, someway or somehow
we gon change, cause see I love it to death
we wanted this, now just want the fuck out of this debt

I want change, we talk rich and the poor
there's a river with a bank, with a current and a law
and y'all, really just subject to that
so once you thought about this, man, think about that

I want change

Verse 3 :

I want change, and I ain't waiting for it so
better figure out the order for they figure out the role
and no, I ain't gonna wait around sitting
so as I walk, and I talk, man, cause someone might listen

and change, maybe all of us are tame
we were wild in the start, but wound up in a cage
and age, where two fish go by
and the man bearing water, man, he's standing outside

that's change, real change from above
you can call it what you want, man, but I'm a call it love
and young minds, please find truth in these words
cause I find, time flies, just like birds

I want change


Know Issue - Just Human (June 2012)
Know Issue - All Humans Welcome (June 2016)

Set List


The Struggle

Just Is

Get Up

One Life

I Want Change



Look Up


Up High

I Wanna be Free

I Wont Weep

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes