BandHip HopSoul

Hip Hop's return to purity.


I love hip hop music. Although I didn't fall in love with it when I was very young, I did, however, fall in love with music. My dad played the same stuff ALL the time. I look back now and laugh, because had I known I'd grow up to love Stevie Wonder as much as I do, I wouldn't have complained as much. Since much of my past is a blur, I choose to focus on the present; let the future be what it will. I have a few things in life that I honestly enjoy and they are all artistic in nature, except for the second greatest creation in the world; the woman. Don't ask me what the first was... it would easily be up between the piano and the beat machine.

I'm not the greatest lyricist or beat maker, but I'm working on it. I support music because I am a fan and lover of it. Sometimes, I tend to talk about it too much.

Other than that, I was born in Hawaii and grew up between Arkansas and Kentucky. I like Fantastic Vol. 1, Desire, Detroit Deli, Tronic, The Tipping Point, The Low End Theory, AIO: Bionix, The Preface, Donuts, Almost an Album, Epic Failure, Crush Groovin' amongst others.


A Kid Love, beta [2009]
The "This Morning" EP [2009]

Set List

1 set
6 songs max

Intro track (freestyle)
Intro Window
Moms Street Canvas
Painting a Still
This Long Keep On
A Little Bit More
Drummer... A Little Bit