Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

This music is very inspirational very positive.Speaks on life it is touching and deeply moving. Music for the soul for the heart! Apart from fiction and face to face with reality.It is poetry in music!!!


Ever been left in suspense? The feeling of what’s next overwhelmingly takes over desire and will. Wasel's uniqueness to paint perfect pictures with words, gives new meaning to the hip-hop scene. Not only do the melodic choruses and mind-blowing beats keep your head bobbing, but also his uncanny way of delivering messages far surpasses any method of delivery or sublime context. This is no Wasel's first rodeo; he's now stepping it up a notch from novice to advanced professional. Starting back in late 2005, as Ambitiouz Writerz, he sold over 2000 units of his first underground CD, titled “Minority Report.” Branching from there, shows came in exclusive nightclubs, lounges, private parties, and special request performances. Much has happen since the dawn of this artist existence.Wasel released a prior album with local record label, producer and Grammy winner Jaime “Pain” Ortiz. “This music is ahead of its time,” said Ortiz, while working with Wasel “La Leguecia,” or the Legacy, an album with Spanish English hieroglyphic lyrics, was a success among the hip-hop community. Unfortunately, handshakes and promises, in this industry, are not a valued integrity. In 2007,Wasel released himself from the DFO label. As the present unravels itself, Wasel is now promoting his three new singles; “Emotions,” “Exposure” and “We’re Gonna Make It,” with guest features such as “Fingaz” from K1 and Leda, “Heavenly Winds.” And power.Wasel delivers just that: The knowledge to show, and the Power to know the difference between Realism vs. Propaganda. His music speaks for itself. His potential to reach out to the world.Wasel is a trendsetter, full steam ahead; there is no stopping what you see coming. Prepare for the Apocalypse because, “Man Kind by Nature Desire’s to Know.” Who Wasel IS!! And the music he lives!! The poetry he speaks!!



Written By: Wasel "Knowledge" Torres

These are the damaged diaries of a man that dig deep with words that speak of defeat so many memories that are hard to delete dying beneath of what the eyes cant describe disordered minds from the dismay that we face hard to obey when we are distance and divided with documents that dispose of our race rail me back to my rebelish days and give me reason why I relate to what most men find really hard to escape I’m a reflection of what has no recovery someone tell me how the hell can I gain self confidence when all emotions of neglection are caged inside this heart with no capacity for no more mistakes guide me directly to that place that doesn’t reserve the tears that I’ve drained I’ve been detained under dark shadows that patiently wait I know there’s a wage for the time that we waste and a war that I’m Destin to face I’m fragile and failing and all I see is distance in faith dame I’m out of time burning devils await

Chorus: Leda and Richie
I think its beautiful we’ll never know can’t understand
Living in pain and constantly draining
The tears explain just why my heart is bleeding in my hands
And all this drama dame is driving me crazy
Sometimes I wonder why just why I cry I wanna die
Its just emotions cause emotions are the reason why
And if I choose to go I’m sorry so sorry

Knowledge: Verse Two
They say that dying comes easy to man I’ve managed to grow surrounded by people that speak of the glory holds and those that oppose I think its easier to let go of this trigger that traces back to the trails that left bitter tears to be tasted is this all apart of my payment these portraits I’ve never painted a past that paralyzes even the greatest the garden of bliss seems to be gated I’m on my knees praying to god give me the strength you gave David before this battle of pain that I bath in bares me of all I admit I’ve addicted to wrong lies and betrayal I can swear that I’ve done it all but please don’t allow me to fall help me to deal with these emotions I’m facing nothing is fair in this placement no tears or scars on the surface but underneath I bleed so much that I feel unworthy carving my prints in this life trying so hard to be perfect I need to wipe away all

We're Gonna Make It

Written By: Wasel "Knowledge" Torres

Expressing blemished perception so much pain it runs as deep as the ocean
Father just save me now
Before I find myself way to deep disintegrating beneath
I’m brittle but yet not broken, I breathe
I’m strong to the roots recognize redemption so many mistakes that we make signifying the reasons why some of us grow to be great understanding the choices we make challenges that develop our growth and hope
But what I don’t know
If we gonna make it to heaven the way that we going in these positions we growing
Somebody tell me how to survive
This life where nothing is promised writing on paper expressing distress knowing that all in this life is a test
Challenge my heart through this darkness of demons ill be the one at the end of this tunnel feasting not bleeding exposing the polished scars on my chest cause I know that at the end
Chorus: Leda, Knowledge and Power
No matter what we go through, we gonna make it
No tears no pain, we gotta face it
All the drama and the rain, we gotta take it
Oh my heart is to strong, you could never break it
All I have are these words, hope that you embrace them
And all the sins in my past, hope that you erase them
And all the demons in my soul, hope that you can chase them
Need your guidance for these trials and tribulations


La Legucia. Recorded in 2007. Produced by Jaime Pain Ortiz with DFO Musicgroup. Was also released and sold over 2000 cds underground. Is also available on I Tunes.
2011 Recorded, Emotions, We're Gonna Make It, Exposure.Produced by Matt Fingas Lopes. Its on Reverbnation ,Indiecharts. These songs are also available on I Tunes.