Known Pleasures

Known Pleasures


Three boys from the desert with a Electric live show reminiscent of NIrvana or The Who. Winning over fans who also love Radiohead, The Cure or even Sonic Youth. Prepare your ear drums for The Known Pleasures.


Three Boys. Loud Music. Melodies and Destruction.


Here Lies Judith...

Written By: Jordan Meyers

You have a boneyard,
I have a marrow deposit.
Our skeletons tango
in the most narrow closets.
I only bite upon request
and draw blood at your behest.
It's due time we were undressed
and learning what we each detest.
Because there's nothing
I'd like more
than to leave
the lights on.
Illuminate features
of we flawed creatures.
There's nothing
I'd like more
than to
turn this room into
a tomb, but...
that would require two.
I live as I dream: alone.
As if memories could build
a solitary home.

A Parrot Among Crows

Written By: Jordan Meyers

I'll grant a reprieve,
you're not one more tick mark
on my sleeve.
Careful where you drop your heart,
you might stomp it out before you
part the sea.
It bleeds one mere color.
From all I can tell, there is no hell,
at least no heaven, anyhow.
You don't see how I want you now.
You may have a prayer,
but I still have a thought:
is it too wishful
to hope they plot and
flood the grey with color?

Radium Girls

Written By: Jordan Meyers

It's a puzzle.
But you're a rube,
you're not what you resemble.
So just give up.
It's not love,
it's a ruse.
Depth has no value here.
Bow before King Veneer.
In a watch factory world
we gleam like Radium Girls.
You're so cold,
fold your hands.
Melt that heart
Strike gold,
warmth from above.
Ice always stays solid in love.


June 2012
-Known Pleasures self titled E.P.

June 2013
-Here Lies Judith... (Single)
including -Here lies Judith...
-Radium Girls
-New England (billy bragg cover)

September 2013
-Let The Old Dreams Die LP