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Know One

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | INDIE

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


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With so much talk about modern popular hip hop being in a state of emergency, we're always happy here at CD Baby to be privy to the underground artists that are still fighting the good fight. Here's a great example, a New Orleans MC whose love for old school hip hop sets the stage for the 23 tracks he rips through on his debut. Far from being simply an homage to the days of old, this record is filled with complicated rhyme schemes, melodic word play, and some well produced, deeply layered beats that compliment his style perfectly. There's no lyrics wasted here, as his quick wit and narrative approach showcases the work of a man who is clearly devoted to his craft. Focusing on a love for music and his community, the songs are sincere and well written, with grinding grooves and infectious hooks that tie the verses together. On "Patchin' Broken Dreams," he gives a first person account of the Katrina tragedy that is compelling and noteworthy, a somber account of those dark days. With a bevy of guest spots, this record never lags, delivering some real hip hop to those who are in need.
-Brad @ CD Baby

- CD Baby


It's almost de rigeur for post-Katrina local artists to talk about What Happened—to them, to their people, and to the city in general, naturally delivered with a healthy dose of What It All Means. That's certainly the case for members of the hip-hop community, and even moreso for one of indie label Media Darling's biggest stars. Social conscience and intelligence are expected. "By day, he spends his time rebuilding the city," proclaims the CD's booklet, as if Know-One was some sort of superhero. But it's really hip-hop he wants to save. The 23 concise tracks on this, his first disc since the tragedy, are divided into past, present, and future ruminations, and it's no coincidence that he spends almost twice as much time talking about the classic days of the genre. Being underground and old school is still his main, not-so-secret identity.

As such, there's a strong R&B flavor running through Know One's Home, as if he and virtual knob-twirler Quickie Mart realized that familiarity equals calm. The sound is just angular and jazzy enough to qualify as collegiate, but breaking new sonic ground isn't as important here as quiet reflection, as if this was a musical version of a Road Home hearing. Yet to this MC, the souls of his fellow DJs seem more in danger of decay than the Crescent City, so when Stanton Moore pops up on "Savali… It's Complicated" and all of Galactic joins in on "Too Much," it's less a gambit for musical community than a realization that popping up inadvertently in the musical mainstream carries its own special responsibilities. By day, he rebuilds the city… by night, he becomes Know One, groove vigilante. Few rappers of any scene can pull that one off.

- Off Beat Magazine

""Bad Ass""

From beginning to end, Know One’s Home is an incredible storytelling CD full of artistic expression, referring to the days before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina, along with some amazing beats and rhythms that become mesmerizing to the listener. One of my personal favorites is “Levee Or Not, Movin Forward,” featuring Impulss. The listener experiences marching beats to the movement of the people through the rebuilding efforts of our city. MC Know One gets New Orleans band Galactic in on the movement in “Too Much,” which is a stylish taste of what Galactic is cooking up on their next CD. Drummer Stanton Moore is recruited to highlight the street beats in “Savali…It’s Complicated.” MC Know One carries fresh scat-like rap lyrics that are recognizable, very quotable, and meaningful to the listener, while at the same time, he’s creating these great grooves, dancing beats and a funk sound that only an artist that understands this city can create. MC Know One is complimented by some incredible local artists including DJ Quickie Mart and Lady Fingaz, making this CD as a whole “Bad-Ass,” and a must own for your CD collection of New Orleans artists. –Sheri McKee

- Where y'at Magazine


Recorded Works:

Know One - Know One's Home (Media Darling 2007)

3 Lucky Stiffs - B.Sides (Media Darling 2006)

Know One- Know One Loves You (2005)

Know One - Know One's Listening (Media Darling 2004)

The Lucky Stiffs - Mix Tape (Media Darling 2004)

Media Darling Records - The Humid Sounds Of... (Media Darling 2004)
(Humid Sounds included The Lucky Stiff's "Q & A", a regional hit produced by Quickie Mart & featuring Know One & Bionik Brown. This track was featured on Scion's Mix CD 11 & distributed world wide on 500,000 copies in 2005)

Space God - The Space God EP (Media Darling 2003)

The Blank Space - Blank (Harmful if Swallowed/Last Minute Fusion 2003)



As the flagship artist of the indie Hip-Hop outfit Media Darling Records, Know One has made himself a staple in the independent Hip-Hop & Jam Band scenes of New Orleans. Employing a strong work ethic Know One stays on a constant grind of writing, recording, & performing as well as promoting the many different projects he's been a part of.

Far from your average New Orleans MC, Know One uses complicated rhyme patterns, clever storytelling, polished melodies & harmonies, & an array of delivery styles to create rich and layered songs that you wouldn't expect to hear from a New Orleans rapper. Over the last few years he has had the honor of sharing the stage with such acts as Galactic, Jurassic 5, Lyrics Born, Gift of gab, Sage Francis, Murs, RJD2, Scratch of the roots, the Dekah Hip-Hop Orchestra, & the Legendary Dr. John, just to name a few, and has toured the country with Media Darling Records.

His first solo release "Know One's Home" comes to you after years of set backs & false starts. After being nearly killed in 2005 by a drunk driver, a six month recovery time, and over coming a pain pill addiction, his city was attacked by a catagory 5 hurricane named Katrina just as he was getting back in the studio. It took nearly a year, but Know One and production partner DJ Quickie Mart were finally able to get back to work. It was then that Know One decided to reach out to his friends in the New Orleans music community in an effort to make a record that reflects his love for the city he calls home.

"Know One's Home" is an introspective, yet souful exercise in word play & rhythm. Know One touches on a wide range of topics throughout these 23 tracks such as his love for old school Hip-Hop on "My Back in the Day Song", The misinterpretation of music and musicians on "Savali...It's Complicated" and the mishandling of Hurricane Katrina on "Patchin' Broken Dreams". This album features guest appearences by Galactic, DJ Quickie Mart, Amy Trail, Impulss, Bionik Brown, and more.


"Five Stars...Delivering real Hip-Hop to those in need"- CD Baby (also listed as editors pick for CD Baby)

"Bad Ass" -Where y'at Magazine

"...Groove Vigilante" -Off Beat Magazine

"...True Quality" -Live New Orleans