College Park, Maryland, USA

My music is in the genre of mashups and is on the rise across the nation. With a cd already released and the ability to create new mashups as the songs come out, the combinations are relentless. A high energy dance party is hard to resist when I'm playing a live set.


The rising genre of mashups has always appealed to me. My biggest influences are obviously other mashup artists such as super mash bros and girl talk. But I grew up listening to different kinds of music, from bruce springsteen to elton jon to n*sync, I pull creativity and samples from many different kind of music. I got to University of Maryland which allows me to play at many house parties. Which always end in a crazy dance party. Always.


My first CD "Sound the Alarm" released in College Park in July 2009. My next album is set to be released in Fall 2010. No radio play have been released, but my mashups have been featured on many youtube playlists and at all of the College Park clubs and bars.

Set List

My set list is made up on the spot. I have over 300 instrumentals and acapellas, and I usually don't arrange them until im playing. However I do play my popular songs, such as "I Gotta Stay Silly" and "I'm Feelin' Shots!"