On paper, KnoxBridge may not have the resume of most professionals, but thats why music isn't played on paper. We are a young band, who's heart felt lyrics mixed with their southern twang make them marketable to fans of all ages. Their high energy music leaves listeners wanting more.


Entering their junior year of high school, Brandon Leonard and Zack Price decided to begin their musical journeys by starting a band. Zack had been playing guitar for almost a year and while Brandon had a guitar, he had not yet mastered the craft and wanted to focus his time and energy on his vocals. Thinking back, they are not sure why they named their band “High Price”, but they did and that is the name that their young teenage following called them. While blending a mixture of alt rock tunes with songs from their southern up bringing, the duo’s set list had a wide variety of musical styles. High Price displayed their music throughout their high school career at various charity events, youth camps, talent competitions, and church functions. The duo was heavily involved with Young Life and performed at camps in Jasper, Georgia and Weaverville, North Carolina. Through these camps, Brandon and Zack performed with Rebuilt Recording artist Paul Reeves. High Price finished second in the Rock Star Battle of the Bands held at Stonecreek Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. They played at the Cherokee County Relay for Life event in 2007 and celebrated their graduation from high school by opening a concert for Gridlock at Slapshots Bar & Grill in Woodstock, Georgia. After their graduation, High Price was asked to play at Copper Head Lodge in Blairsville, Georgia as part of their Summer Concert Series which featured artists such as Jeff Bates, Trent Tomlinson, Keith Anderson, Danielle Peck, Atlanta Rhythm Section and several other professional acts. Their band opened up for J. B. Walker and the Cheap Whiskey Band on July 7, 2007. But these experiences with lives as professional musicians left the duo wanting more.

When Brandon and Zack went to college they took a new step in their musical careers, by starting a new band “Knox Bridge”. Knox Bridge was formed out of their love for country and rock music and desire to perform the songs they were raised on. The band mixes sounds of artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Needtobreathe to create a style of alternative music that is edgy yet traditional. With songs such as “Untested Wings”, the band addresses the seriousness of teenage lives, while with songs such as “In The Rain”, the duo shows off their acoustic talents while singing about love. Knox Bridge’s high-energy performances crank the volume of today's music to the next level. Knox Bridge has recently opened up for the Christian rock band 'Revive' at Stonecreek Church in Alpharetta, GA. They also performed at the renown Eddie's Attic in their Songwriter's Open Mic Competition. By using these qualities and experiences, the duo hopes to one day be able to share their performances with music lover’s worldwide.


Queen of Hearts

Written By: Zack Price

I'm a rambler
Out on the run
Five card gambler
When the day is done

I had a pair down in Greenville
A full house down in San Antone
I lost her on the river
Down in Shreveport I am told

Now Im just looking for the Queen of Hearts
Through the bottle and an old guitar
Betting everything I own just to give it one more time
I lay my life out on the table to play the hand that I have delt
Im just looking for the Queen of Hearts and Im running out of time

Well Im a tumbleweed
Blowing in the wind
Six guns firing
You try to steal her again

I lost her down in Georgia
To some boy from Alabam
I lost her on the turn
Between Huntsville and Birmingham


Damn Strait

Written By: Brandon Leonard & Trey Sinclair

We slammed the door on another fight
Same ole words just another night
And in the rearview I saw the tears in your eyes
As I pulled away and outta the drive

And with no idea where to go
Out of my speakers flowed pure country gold
And king george wouldnt steer me wrong
And I found truth in every song because...

(Chorus 1)
I was takin it one night at a time
Thinking we must be loving right
But now you're as gone as a girl can get
And all that I have left
Are the famous last words of a fool hearted memory
Some ocean front property
Down in marina del ray
Hell Id give it away
You're Damn Strait

Its been 2 months and I'm still here
Trying to decide which way to steer
I have nothing left and back to you seems right
I'll just keep driving through the lonely night

Cuz the radio is all that keeps me going
You wouldnt take me back and girl the whiskey's showing
I know I'm the one that walked out the door
And im not you cowboy anymore but...

(Chorus 2)
If u still think
Im carryin your love with me
That I blame mexico
And I hate Everything
That Im taking this one step at a time
And then out of the baby blue clear sky
I get carried away
You're Damn Strait

It aint cool to be crazy about you
Id say im not but you know me better than that
Cuz no one in their right mind would have left you
And i wish i could have you back.

She's That Girl

Written By: Brandon Leonard

He wakes up, around 8:30
and he's thinking about the dream the night before
Sunny blonde hair, and her pretty blue eyes
He's wishing that dream would walk right through that door

He goes about his day, driving along the freeway
and that love song comes on at the most convienent times
He just sings along, hoping one day she'll come along
And maybe then, he can live inside those lines

But it's another day of dreaming,
the kind of dream that is out of this world
She's that girl

She's that girl I want to wake up right beside me.
She's that girl that I would hang on for dear life.
She's that girl I've always wanted for a million years.
She's that girl, I want to make my wife.
She's that girl.

After a long day, they're headed on their third date, dinner and a movie sounds just right.
He goes to pick her up, in his rusty ol' pickup
and they hold on to each other oh so tight.

Two years later, they're standing in front of, 250 people in the pews.
The preacher man says their vows, and everybody in that town, just smiles and laughs when they hear 'em say "I do".

Now she's that girl that wakes up right beside me.
She's that girl that I will hang on for dear life.
She's that girl that I will treasure for a million years.
She's that girl that I have made my wife.
She's that girl.

And it's another day of dreaming,
I'm living a dream that is out of this world.
'Cuz you're that girl.

Sappy Love Song

Written By: Brandon Leonard

Well honey I'm sure glad that you called.
'Cuz baby I've been pacin' all night long.
I've been waiting on that phone to ring,
And if I must then I'll explain.
I will tell ya exactly how I feel.

The first thing I wanna say, is that I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for wastin' all of your precious time.
But this is long over due, so here's a little song for you,
Ya sugar, I think that we need a break.

(Chorus 1)
Cuz' I need my truck, and I need my cigars, And my buddies, they know what's in my heart.
I need my dog, and if you think I need you you're wrong.
Cuz' honey, this ain't your Sappy Love Song.

Well I guess you could say, I've takin' my time.
But now I finally got all my priorities in line.
And somethings just don't feel the same, I'm sorry but my heart has changed
Now sugar, I think that we should just be friends.

(Chorus 2)
Cuz I need my fishin', I'll take that any day over your bitchin', and my buddies, they know what's in my heart.
I don't know what you're thinking, cuz baby I need my drinking.
Cuz' honey, this ain't your Sappy Love Song.

But wait, there is one thing left to say. And I think I'll take this moment if I may.
I'm having second thoughts on if I really won't you gone.
Ah but hold up, Hank Jr. just came on.

(Chorus 1)

Set List

(Set list varies depending on venue)

Normal 30-45 Min. Set:
1. Ain't The Thing To Do
2. Late Night in November
3. Leaving Georgia
4. The Sunrise
5. Behind The Screen
6. On Fire (Switchfoot Cover)
7. Leaving Georgia
8. In The Rain
9. Untested Wings