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Knox Family

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We exceed most people's idea of what hip hop is - underground, indie or gangster - so we're not offended when people just don't get it. The good stuff takes time to sink in.


The Knox Family has it's own sound, molded from over 32 years of cumulative performance artist experience. The 3 members came together to create their own destiny in the music world, with reference to the cult film "Natural Born Killers," killing the game with "a heavy gangster element and poignant subject matter." (BJB, Seattle Weekly)

This convergence resulted in a fresh approach with a unique style. This multi-racial, multi-gender collaboration represents the change that is occurring within hip hop, our communities, our country and our world. The Knox Family pulls inspiration from community work, teaching, performing and street hustling. They are resurrecting good music with a "do what ever it takes" attitude, not stopping until progress is made.

The Knox Family has been honored to share stages with artists such as Afrika Bambaataa, Dead Prez, Cannibus, Esham, Cool Nutz and more, since forming in 2008. Their influences include David Banner, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Dilla, E40, Brotha Lynch, Twista, Mos Def, Mia X, The Fugees, Digable Planets and Sa-Ra.
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These Streets ft. Toni Hill

Written By: Knox Family and Toni Hill

somebody's praying in these streets
somebody's dying in these streets
somebody's hustling in these streets
somebody's singing for you and me

Police terror intimidation brutalization hundreds dead from their so called non lethal tazing
Document all of it still won't phase them
Foundation donations keep most our leaders complacent
privitization contracted prison plantation
cage generation with mass incarceration
child soldiers of rebel street forces gotta contain em database em
call it anti gang legislation
incrimination weed and seed shepards gentrification
urban land grab economic displacement
herd occupations they call income integration
federal dough funds developers tax breaking
the fcc is so damn pro-consolidation
deregulation free reign greed for corporations
hypocrits us human rights violations all out war against poor populations


wall street terror exploitation interest inflation predatory lending debt pedaling info mavens global economic collapse it don't phase em
campaign contributions keep politicians complacent
fiscal rapists less you got more they taking
rich get richer from the poor's devastation
dollar hegemony currency domination
global banking industry teetering on some fake ish
refinance your home for a low monthly payment
for closed vacant middle class shrinking homelessness peaking
the impacts only just catching up to this nation
more bankrupt declarations that college graduations
collection agents buying and selling your information
american poverty pimpin is at it's greatest
all out war against poor populations


2nd chorus
in these streets we gotta get together
love we need to heal the sick and hopeless
yes indeed strive for peace and justice
equality a love for you and me


2nd chorus

Youth violence is a symptom not the disease
like angel says eradicate the roots and not the leaves
politicians and armchair leaderships say youth are our priority
but in mlk jr county 73% of general funds goes to law, justice and safety
aka jailing, prosecution, policing
while only 6% goes to human service
but prevention is a priority, education is a priority
why is the city of seattle dropping a 110 million to open a new jail we don't need
while the district can't even find a measly 3.6 to keep our schools from closing?
wanna know what's really going on?
just follow the paper trail to downtown, olympia, wall street, D.C.
as long as poverty pimps keep profiting from our problems
we can't make a change
we gotta create our own solution straight from the people's movement.
that's why we keep it pushin


Knox Family EP-
First Single - Make Love (Airplay and Streaming 2/09)
Second Single - Run Up (Airplay and Streaming 2/09)
Third Single - World Turns (Airplay and Streaming 3/09)
Fourth Single - These Streets (Airplay and Streaming 3/09)

Set List

Typical 25-30 min set
Intro 2 min
Make Love 3:30 min
Interlude 2 min
Cover - Cool Like That 3 min
Skit 1 min
Boots Laced 3:30 min
Run Up 3:30 min
Skit 1 min
Couldn't Handle That 3:30 min
World Turns 3:30 min
These Streets 5 min