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The Orange Album [EP]


If I Wanna



A 17 year old usually doesn't get the chance to play many clubs but that's what happened to young Andy Jeffery. He was asked to join a metal band from Halifax called Tyrant. "Time to quit school and hit the road." The band did well for themselves, slowly gaining recognition across the country and being No. 1 on a radio station in Alaska.

Good things soon come to an end, until Andy J got one hankoring for a donair one night. Down to the pizza shop where he met another long-hair, Tony Nader, who also wanted to be in a band but had no direction. They soon formed a band called Mind's Eye and immediately started touring around doing cover tunes and meeting lots of new friends along the way. After a while Mind's Eye disbanded only to reform later with a new singer and name for the band. Fatal Attraction was fronted by Frank Healy from Andy's first pro-act Tyrant. F.A. toured around for years in their "black school bus of fun" playing club after club but once again things got tense and the band split.

Andy went on to play for a couple of other local bands only to find himself back to Fatal Attraction. They needed a new drummer and called in a "hick" from out of town to fill in the void. That "hick was GR Matheson. GR had been playing in a rock/blues band but felt the need for something a little more aggressive. After playing a few shows Frank finally heard his true calling. "I wanna sing country!" The reply from the other guys was mutual..."NOT US, CYA."

Time for a new singer. Al Doy, a singer from one of Andy's high school bands came into the forefront. Doy brought alot of changes to the feel of the band, he had a more bluesy feel akin to the Stones or the Quireboys. Sahara Jack was the name of the new band but it wasn't meant to be.

Looking to keep the same name, Sahara Jack went on in search of yest another voice. It came to them in female form. Kathryn Clark joined S.J and managed to WOW many a audience with her voice. Coming from an already established cover band, Kathryn already had a fan base and with the addition of the Fatal Attraction fans it made for quite the following. With the song list getting heavier and the audiences getting larger, Sahara Jack went on to be one of the heaviest and best club acts in the region.

Playing cover tunes the rest of your life will get you nowhere in this business. It was time to do some writing. As soon as the writing was started you could see there was going to be a problem. It just wasn't easy for the guys to write material for a female to sing. Kathryn left the band and the writing went on from there. About a dozen songs into the writing, and with each member sharing lead vocals, they decided they really needed a frontman. Several guys tried out but none sounded right. Something drastic had to be done.

GR was pulled out from behind the drumkit and given frontman status. A writing contest came up and they wanted to enter but needed a name. Skyscraper? Project/Underdog? Knucklebones...YES! Another thing they needed to enter the contest was a drummer. How about Hugh Jass (a fictional name used only to get into the contest, a lie if you will). KNUCKLEBONES threw some demos together, entered the contest and became finallists. Now they had to perform. Still one small problem, NO DRUMMER. Steve Sullivan was brought in to do the show and before long Steve became Hugh Jass. And this is the line-up to this day.

After releasing an EP and a full length album KNUCKLEBONES released their first independent single which got quite a bit of airplay on MuchMusic.