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Knuckle Demo
1. Breathless
2. Gunpowder
3. Threat
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Knuckle came together in the late fall of 2006, beginning as a �something to do� rock band without a direction or goal. Each member separately realized their strong and sometimes overwhelming passion for rock music early on in life, and had already made the decision to pursue music as a professional career. As short random practices became longer structured rehearsals and common ideas and tastes became the norm, each separate member realized that this was the band to be. Knuckle, in essence, is the individual dreams of three talented and ambitious rockers made into a reality. Knuckle is here to stay!

Bobby Rock is the front man of Knuckle as the lead singer and only guitar player. He has been playing guitar approximately twelve years. B Rock is the musical genius behind the lyrics and inspiring riffs of Knuckle. He, time after time, exceeds the typical model of established guitar abilities, branching out onto a style of playing that is original in and of itself. B Rock is principally the staple that brings all the ideas together. His mind set is always for the greater good of Knuckle. B rock drives the train. He is the match that lights the flame. He is the fuel that burns the fire.

Tom Deville is the bassist of Knuckle as well as additional vocals. Deville has been said to encompass his own unique style of bass playing, as he refuses to use a pick, traditionally used is rock and metal music. Deville has created an enticing mix of funk, slap, speed, tapping, flamenco, and other different styles and incorporates them into Knuckle rock. Hero list includes Ryan Martini, Billy Sheehan, and Victor Wooten. Deville is the heaviness. Deville is the underground. Deville is the thickness that is Knuckle.

J-Bone is the drummer and percussionist for Knuckle. If you had to sum J-Bone and his Orange County kit up in one word, it would have to be �loud�. In order to break the mold and be present and heard, playing loud is the only option. He is the backbone of Knuckle and completes the beautiful chaos that is heard. He is the rhythm machine that holds the atmosphere together. He owns the snare crack of doom. He invented the term earsplitting. He is the thunder under Knuckle.

To put it simply, Knuckle is the band that you wish you would have heard first. Whether you describe it as deafening, solid, shrill, or restless, Knuckle and the Knuckle camp has only one goal. To make and share the music that we love. When fortune, fame, and understanding have failed, the only thing Knuckle has left is the music that it was created to play. I think AC/DC said it best, and to quote them, �For those about to rock, we salute you!�