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The best kept secret in music


""A Grateful Floydian Experience""

“My dream is to be on a safe shore within an ocean of emotional instability!”
Rick Dugger…guitarist for Knundrum

In a day of age when music seems lost, new talent is formed out of the woodwork. It is the ultimate goal to bring together a lost culture, with a soul for all to breathe. Maybe it’s an act of God, or just a mere coincidence, either way the space must be filled with a very important vibe. The longing goal of any musician is to find a purpose for his or her melodious creativity, with the freedom to do what is natural. No one likes to compromise, we all just wanna play, and that is why I find myself creating for this musical masterpiece. You see, I was once a lost musician until I found this band, Knundrum, and it began a journey that far outweighed anything else in life.
The music, true to its unique form, touches every genre that is inherited on this earth. It’s a colorful transgression taking you away from a pure form of reality. To me, it is the music that cannot be judged. The fact is that if you find a group of musicians that allow you to speak the truth in what you play, reality is what you will find in an unrealistic world, and you can only be at peace with yourself for eternity.
Our home, Bloomington, IN surrounds our spiritual vibe. This town is a Mecca for gifted musicians and artists, and poses as a giant stage for us all to perform. The community supports all forms of creativity, and leaves an open mind behind for us all to inherit. The great Garcia called this town home for a few, in his quest to play with Bill Monroe. There is magic here, life-speaking that is!
So you ask, “what is a knundrum?”, and the answer lies within the unspoken heart. We represent a time of peace in a world of travesty, a feeling of love when everyone seems to hate, and a path paving passion in a soul directed nowhere. Music represents a universal language, and if you take this responsibility, you must move it forward so that others can evolve. It’s the vibe that produces the true meaning of a band, how it makes a person feel, and how it moves a life into positive direction. It is the most important for us to always keep moving forward, for staleness burns the heart, and challenges light the fire.
Knundrum lives in a culture purely formed on musical pursuance. The music runs deeply into the heart with a cosmically teased laughter. Curiosity makes it move, persistence makes it work.

By...Noel Niehaus -

"Emerging Talent Showcase"

Knundrum is showcased on the website, along with other emerging talent. You can view them at under the progressive genre. -


Live Album due out end of 2006
Continuum 2006
Cannabisis 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Knundrum is a psychedelic fusion band expressed by a colorful transgression of music.
Funktified with a beautiful melodic surrounding, the band trips and teases vibes of spiritual enlightenment. This band will time warp your mind! Their influences are many, and include:
Pink Floyd, George Clinton, The Grateful Dead, Miles Davis, The Meters, Sly and the Family
Stone, The Stanley Brothers, and countless other artists. Their shows produce different
genres of music on any given night, attracting people from all age groups and diverse musical
tastes. Knundrum performs mostly original compositions, but also performs cover songs as
well. You can view past setlists by the band at their website. In addition, all shows are set up with colorful lights, psychedelic projectors, and a kickin' sound system.
Knundrum joined together in 2001, when Rick and Noel were introduced. The next two
years were spent combining original material the two guitarists had written, and finding the
appropriate supporting musicians to complete the group. The rest of the cast joined the
band in 2003, when Jim Fisher and Pat Hayes introduced the perfect rhythm section. From
this time on, Knundrum's original discography expanded quickly. The band currently has
over fifty original songs, and can perform one-hundred in all, ranging in genre from
bluegrass, to reggae, to psychedelic jazz, to funk and rock. Songs are added every week and
show the quick expansion of their music.
Knundrum began recording Cannabisis, their first album with the current band lineup, in
October 2004 with the release date in April 2005. The album is available for purchase at the website. Cannabisis is a powerful orchestration, demonstrating the band's talent for writing
psychedelic fusion compositions. In the time between festivals and club dates in
Bloomington, Knundrum began working on their next album Continuum, immediately after
Cannabisis was released. This enabled them to contrast their debut masterpiece and show
yet another side of their music. This album, Continuum, features a much different side of
the band, as it blasts bluegrass, fused with new age folk rock and jazz. Cuts from both of
these albums have already been used for various compilation albums that are being distributed world-wide. A valuable asset to the band this year has been Yeah Media (, which is a media entertainment company providing promotional exposure to independent artists, and will be assisting Knundrum in 2006.