Knut Bell and 'The Blue Collars'

Knut Bell and 'The Blue Collars'

 Mount Vernon, Washington, USA
BandAmericanaCountry's like an ol' coal train grumblin' down the side of a mountain...a king crab block buzzing on the Bering Sea...a MS 880 Magnum Stihl (with a 59" bar) roarin' through timber...a sound that permeates Americana!


Knut Bell and 'The Blue Collars' are a 5-piece Americana Band from the Seattle, Washinton area.

They perform mostly Originals that Knut has penned and follow the flavor of the Past Legends of Country Music. You will hear bits of Johnny Cash, flairs of Waylon, pieces of Merle, haunts of Hank and traces of Bob Dylan combine into a sound that is uniquely Knut. He has penned his own term for his brand of music - HONKAHILLAROCKABILLY!

Knut has recorded 5 full length CD's and has recently gone in to record another 26 songs which are soon to be released.

His last album, 'Wicked, Ornry, Mean & Nasty' was Produced by Brian Hofeldt in Austin, Texas and includes players like Redd Volkaert (Merle Haggard - Lead Guitar), Earl Pool Ball (Johnny Cash - Piano), Mike Daily (George Strait - Pedal Steel) as well as members of the Derailers.

Bill Wence (Nashville, TN) worked the album on Americana Charts, Country Single and the European charts where 'Wicked, Ornry, Mean and Nasty' had great success.

The band performs close to 200 shows a year and can play 90 minute showcase events, with All Original material...or can play 4 hour long dance-athons.

The current line-up includes Grady Shaver (Julietta, ID) on Lead Electric...his instrumentals can be heard on CMT's 'Trick My What' and CMT 'Cribs' with George Jones.
Kinny Alvins (Darrington, WA.) is well known throughout the Northwest for his Bluegrass picking and Pedal Steel work. Jim Matthews (Seattle, WA) is on the Bass and Lewis Warren (Fremont, WA) lays down the foundation on drums. Knut plays rhythm guitar and takes the roll of delivering lead vocals. If you have it heard his voice will surely remember it after hearing it the first time.

Knut Bell is endorsed by LaBella strings.