Marcus Robair

Marcus Robair


Aggresive Piano with bad intentions at times and some mad bass frequencies. Basically Heavy Metal Piano.


Started music on the drums and played a lot of heavy metal live. Then came back home and picked up the keys and never looked back. I love writing and playing my music and am happy for the response it has generated.


The first 7 tracks on my debut cd are on my myspace page KoalaPiano.
1. Blind not Retarded
2. 2000 Miles To No Where
3. Little Bear Paws
4. World of the Blind
5. Adrift
6. The Cult
7. Princess Mulan
8. Trinity
9. Back to Nine
10. Into the Wind
11. The Story's not Over
12. 27 Second Shorts
13. Alone Inside
14. Malice
15. Rising Seas

Set List

Blind not Retarded
Into the Wind (new condensed version)
Back to Nine
World of the Blind
Alone Inside
typical set is 20 minutes and free