Koala Taxi

Koala Taxi


We are a pop/punk band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a love for the stage and a drive for getting our music out there. Released in late 2005, our EP "Alone In The Carpool Lane" has sold over 500 copies and has been featured on Milwaukee Radio's Rock 102.1 every week since its release.


With their thick pop punk guitar riff’s and melodic vocals, along with undeniably catch synth lines, Milwaukee based pop punk band Koala Taxi has taken the music scene by storm. Since they formed in 2005, the band has established a considerable base in Milwaukee and is continuing to spread their musical influence throughout Wisconsin and the rest of the Midwest.

In August 2006, Koala Taxi released their locally highly anticipated EP, Alone in the Carpool Lane, which has since sold nearly a thousand copies throughout the Midwest. Since then the band has been maturing both musically and emotionally, and is consistently writing new material with the idea of future releases in mind.

With a strong pop punk vibe and a solid sound, Koala Taxi has booked two major tours and has extended their reach from Cleveland and Detroit, to Chicago and Minneapolis, winning support as they gain friends and fans every stop they make.

Koala Taxi has played well over 50 local shows, and nearly just as many out of town shows since the five began playing together. With a solid set and a love for the stage, the band has no plans on stopping the Midwest invasion and you can be sure that there are many more shows to come.

In September of 2006, local Milwaukee radio station Rock 102.1 featured Koala Taxi on their prime time morning show with Kramp and Adler to promote their new EP. Since the airing of the interview, Koala Taxi has been one of the most requested bands on Rock 102.1. Their EP has also been played on the Sunday night local show every weekend since.



Written By: Grant Gunderson

So come out of your shell
Know that you can never tell
What's further down that road and I
I never saw it coming
But everyone was running
As soon as we got out into the world

Don't back off, don't run away
Save that smile for a rainy day
Check the time, the day will be mine
As long as we're living for the moment

Look up at the sky
And don't give up on your dreams
Open your eyes
I just wanna hear you scream

As the days pass us by
I sit and wonder why
We can't see far down that road and you
You should be coming too
In whatever you do
I will be behind you every step of the way

As I look into the crowd, I can see
You standing there and listening to me
So take it upon yourself, as I would love
Go show the world just what your made of

As I look into the crowd, I can see
You standing there and waiting patiently
So take it upon yourself, as I would love
Go show the world just what your made of

State Bird

Written By: Scott Walecki

You turn me off like the flick of a light
Leaving me in darkness with no path in sight
I walk on broken glass with my bare feet
Breaking his heart just to make yourself complete

It's always hard to just stay friends
When I know that I'll fall for you again
Being alone is my biggest fear
I write about you and you're not here

Everything's just fine
I won't be hard to find
If you change your state of mind

The stars shine and guide my way
Dreaming you and I will be together some day
This dream is more like a wish
I'm crossing my heart because it's you that I miss

You think that everything is fine
But I won't be hard to find
You walk all over me and I'll be your land mine
I'll shoot you down 'til you can see
How dangerous it is to mess with me
You keep pushing me as time's wearing thin
I'll take you down until you never wanna see me again

You left me and walked out of my life
Now I'm broken apart on the floor
You left me and walked out of my life
But I'm putting my foot in the door


"Alone In The Carpool Lane EP"
1. Prelude To A Prologue
2. Curse
3. Look In The Mirror
4. Statebird
5. Let Go
6. 2:45
7. Make Up Your Mind
8. Weight Of The World

Curse has been played on Milwaukee Alternative Radio Station Rock 102.1 every Sunday since September 2006, when the song was aired on the Kramp & Adler primetime morning show.

Set List

We can play a solid set of all original music anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes.

Look In The Mirror
Let Go
Make Up Your Mind
Weight Of The World
I Lied