New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
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koan ( ) n. A puzzling, often paradoxical statement or story, used in Zen Buddhism as an aid to meditation and a means of gaining spiritual awakening.


Koan is a multi-talented musician/emcee. Born & raised in New Orleans . His commanding presence leaves a remarkable impression that complements his versatile songwriting and rhyming abilities. He garnered fame as the emcee for the popular band E.O.E. His first solo LP released in 2011 titled "Chronicles of a Dying Breed", sparked an immense response from both industry folk and the public including a nomination for Best Hip Hop album at the 2011 Nola Hip Hop awards. His talents and skills allowed him to share the stage alongside national touring acts such as; Souls of Mischief, Immortal  Technique, Killer Mike, Killer Priest , Doomtree, Pos & George Clinton to name a few. He has headlined shows across the country.  Koan dropped the mixtape entitled "Homage" an ode to hip hop in 2013. His single "Til Infinity" a play off  the classic "93 til Infinity" was feature on New Orleans most popular station Q93.3 for several weeks. Koan's music can be heard on the soundtrack to the Award winning documentary "Shell Shocked", he also wrote & performed it's titled track. Koan has headlined the world famous Tipitina's, in New Orleans on several occasions, including his increasingly popular hip hop Summer Jam event. The latest held on August 8, 2015 being its most successful to date. Specializing in keeping the hip hop culture alive, Koan is known for giving other hip hop artist an opportunity to perform and an outlet to perfect their craft. He is currently gearing up for the fall, dates will be announced soon. 


    "Chronicles Of A Dying Breed" by Koan
    Release Date: April 20, 2011

    Koan's Critically Acclaim available @ itunes & amazon

    Set List

    DJ Warm-up
    1)Rising Sun
    2)Pei Mae
    4)Crooked Officer
    5)Nothing's Change
    Dj Break
    7)Casual Encounter 1
    8)Casual Encounter 2
    9)Made 2 Murdah
    11)Last of A Dying Breed