K.O. and Young Reese

K.O. and Young Reese

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K.O. and Young Reese are the next evolution of the independent hip-hop artist. With sharp lyrics and head banger beats they are poised to take the rap game by storm.


K.O. and Young Reese just happened to meet by chance at a southern California Wal-Mart and the rest as they say is history. K.O. was involved in a renouned freestyle competition on L.A.’s staple urban radio station, Power 106. He had been a recurring champion at the time while Young Reese was making a name for himself in the streets spitting killer verses over fresh instrumentals and gaining the respect of listeners wherever he went. When he and K.O. met they instantly hit it off. Reese had heard about K.O. so he spit a verse for him and they both found that although their styles were completely different their content and swagger were very similar. So after a couple months had passed they began working in the studio together. Over K.O.’s acclaimed production (Britney Spears, Shifty, Lil’ Flip) they began crafting “The Breakthrough” EP. Now equipped with a solid 8 song EP featuring Paul Oakenfold’s flagship artist (TC) and the new R&B sensation Damien. K.O. and Young Reese are ready stake their claim as the new kids on the block so be on the lookout!!


K.O. and Young Reese "The Breakthrough"
The Source Magazines official Mixtape

K.O.'s Productions Discography:

K.O. and Young Reese
Lil Flip
Britney Spears
Bow Wow
Rick Gonzales of Coach Carter
Paul Oakenfold
Megan Goode

Set List

K.O. and Young Reese Set List

Make it Bounce
Na Na Na
Set the Club on Fire

Set List is usually 30 minutes long but at request we can do longer sets