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Hanover Park, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Hanover Park, Illinois, United States | INDIE
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"More legitimate pop punk"

More legitimate pop punk, but lacking the expertise of the masters. It’s not bad though; definitely more in the ’80s to early ’90s Queers/Vindictives vein. One of the quirkier songs on the album is “Nobody,” which is a cover of a cover. It’s obviously based on Chixdiggit’s version of the song by Sylvia, but it still manages to be a unique interpretation. There are far too many sound bites for my liking and the album has a general immaturity, but I can hardly fault a pop punk band for that. “I Can’t” is probably the catchiest song on the album and makes the most use of the best elements of the genre. There is a decent instrumental midway, plus a Dickies cover. The Kobanes are not the next Copyrights, but they’ve put together a solid effort here.
-Luke Toney
- -Luke Toney

"WE LOVE you here in the Philippines an Asia!"

Hello I’m one of your fans here in the Philippines, Just want you to know that your music is so cool and great, I think everyone would agree, Your the best band to come around in years. Your sound is timeless and it appeals to teenagers all the way to the oldest baby boomers. You guys have the talent, skills and work ethic to play a big part in Music history. I hope you will send me some of your free goodies to wear, I wear size medium. or any merchandise. Its a dream come true for me.I will spread your name her in the Philippines. I hope you will visit here. keep on rockin!My uncle is a promoter here in he Philippines,,I will convince my uncle so you could play here someday, The people here in he Philippines deserves to hear your music! Your are the Best! More Power!
WE LOVE you here in the Philippines an Asia!
- fans here in the Philippines


The kids know what’s up and, all of a sudden, the kids are really into The Kobanes, with T-shirts and other merch cropping up en masse. A split label Japanese release to coincide with one of the band’s infamous Japanese tours, Japan Invasion is a very solid, mainline pop punk album. Taking 1990s silliness to new peaks with songs about loved ones smelling each other’s feces, suburban ghettos, dicks, and drugs, The Kobanes’ lyrics are gleefully apolitical, mean-spirited, and downright asinine. And that’s a compliment! Driving, Queers-inspired riffs dominate the mix, with geek-tinged vocals maintaining a spirited, tongue-in-ass-cheek vibe. A higher end byproduct of a dwindling subgenre, Japan Invasion happily invaded this aging pop punker’s heavy rotation. There’s even a cover of “Fan Mail” included for Dickies fans. Plus, any album that starts with a dialog sample from Class of Nuke ’em High is okay by me.(FIXING A HOLE , FIXINGAHOLE.JPN.ORG / DUMB!, DUMBRECORDS.COM)
- –Art Ettinger


Straight out of Chicago come The Kobanes... pop punk with an attitude, amazing bass lines and songs that will make you laugh... what more can you ask for? Similar to the Queers, the Ergs, and all those other old school punk bands we know and love, these guys are easily one of the best bands I've heard in the last few years.
- -Music She Blogged


Public Affection (Dumb!/Fixing A Hole) 2008
Japan Invasion (Dumb!/Fixing A Hole) 2009
False Accusation (Fixing A Hole) 2011
Gabba Gabba split CD (Blitzkrieg) 2012
too many various compilations to list!



Marky and Eddie had been in punk bands together since 1996 when they were in the 6th grade. Eddie’s Father had introduced them to the RAMONES and THE DICKIES when they started listening to music. They had started going to punk shows in Chicago by 1998. In just a few years they had seen almost every band that had influenced them. After 10 years of experimenting with other genres of music (metal/surf) they decided to regroup and form KOBANES due to their disappointment with the return of the dead genre. The KOBANES formed in April of 2008. The original line up was Marky, Eddie, and Dominick. The band was busy with other more serious bands and decided to try and release a 7 inch and call it quits. But, after being offered a record deal with two Japanese labels they quickly made KOBANES their main focus. FIXING A HOLE AND DUMB! Records planned to release “PUBLIC AFFECTION,” the KOBANES 1st album. Half way through recording the album they recruited Eric on 2nd guitar. The KOBANES were now a 4 piece. After a year of playing local Chicago shows they started to write their 2nd album, “JAPAN INVASION.” Once the album was finished a Japan tour was in the works. Unfortunately, work got in the way of Dominick’s performance and was forced to quit the band. The band was devastated due to Dom’s extreme size and personality, for he was the one who originally came up with the name KOBANES. (The band was originally going to be called the Winslows, but their childhood love for Nirvana won the contest) The band had then added Johnny on Bass. Johnny was quickly replaced after slapping Marky’s girlfriend in face, which ended in street fight. Next on bass was Jason. He was a local they often ran into at the grocery store and at shows downtown. The KOBANES completed “JAPAN INVASION,” and toured Japan by September of 2009. It was a dream come true for the band. Selling thousands of copies and playing packed venues in Japan for 2 weeks. But, after the tour another bass player change was in need. Jason had quit before he could be kicked out due to personal differences in the band. According to KOBANES, Jason just didn’t have the attitude they were shooting for. After trying out all the bass players they could find, it was easier just to become a 3 piece, so Eric hopped on bass. After only being a band for nearly 2 years the KOBANES had opened for most of their favorite bands such as : SLOPPY SECONDS, TEEN IDOLS, BEATNIK TERMITES, TEENAGE BOTTLE ROCKET, THE HUNTINGTONS, AND CJ RAMONE (just to name a few). During the next year they hit the studio and recorded 4 songs that would then end up on “FALSE ACCUASTION.” Everything was going great for the KOBANES, until they got kicked off The INSUBORDIANATION FEST. Who would have thought Marky’s dark black metal past would have come back to haunt him? His old band had anti-sematic imagery that would label the band as racists. This was devastating to the band. The KOBANES became a joke on message boards and were constantly being bashed. The KOBANES have no racist lyrics or imagery, and all date outside of their nationalities. The only thing they could do was hope the hype would die down. But, then the next photo shoot became a mockery as well. KOBANES letterman jackets as a 3 piece read KKK! Eric couldn’t take it, so he decided to quit. That same day a longtime fan had texted Marky saying “I want to be a KOBANE.” The KOBANES prayers were answered. John a.k.a. FUZZ was the new bass player. He was perfect; he had QUEERS and SCREECHING WEASEL tattoos, and even an anti-swastika tattoo as well. The KOBANES quickly moved forward, and toured the East coast. The tour was a success and they met a lot of great bands like: THE SHECKIES, JOHNIE 3, HOLLYWOOD BLONDES, and DEE CRACKS. During this tour in Pittsburgh was when they all got their famous cheese burger logo tattoos. While in New York, they even got to see inside Arturo Vega’s apartment. This was an experience that made Marky and Eddie realize all their h