smooth urban sounds to get you in the KOBE groove.


Kobe was born Vincent Kobina Enos on 11th December 1984. Named after
his father Vincent Enos Snr . From an early age, his name was
abbreviated to Kobe. His middle name literally means "born on
Tuesday", hence his first album being dubbed "Tuesdays Child". His
mother Abigail Louisa Parkes, decided she would teach him her
language(gaa) before she taught him English, so as to keep him in
touch with his roots. This made difficult communication in his early
days, but before he left nursery, this was no longer a problem.
His first true experience of music came from his mother who was an
avid church goer and also an active member of the choir. Kobe became
quite attached to the idea of music, but started of with an instrument
before he discovered his voice.
It wasn't until midway through primary school that Kobe was told he
had talent. His teacher, Miss* Judith Henry, singled him out for his
vocal ability and encouraged him as long as he was in her class.
This stuck with him all the way through his life.
Although Miss Henry had given him a leg up, his first vocal
performance wasn't until he attended the last of his numerous schools.
It was in the year 6 Leavers performance in primary school.
Just as Kobe thought he had discovered his talent, he moved to a
secondary school where his particular brand of music wasn't top of the
agenda any more. The more stringent regime of the school choir was the
new order of the day.
Kobe didn't excel in this form of vocal performance which would
hinder his progress for along time.

He didn't re-emerge as a vocalist until he started to attend a new
church when he was about 16 and he was attending 6th Form College*
Saint Francis Xavier, He met a group of friends that were so musically
in tune with him, that that his music side began to resurface.
Noticing this at his church was the pastor, who swiftly swooped him
and three other musicians to form the gospel group JCMY, who would later
record an album.
This was Kobe's first concerted studio experience and it would go
far to help his future recordings. In college he participated in as
many musical activities as he could, and he really began to get a taste
of what he wanted to do, but he would again let slip away in
university. When Kobe left university, he met Mash a record producer
from Portugal, through a mutual friend. This would be the start of his

Set List

) Rock Ur Body
2) I Love U
(For a Two Track Set)
3) Oh No
4) Those Girls
(For a Four Track Set)