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Dallas, Texas, United States

Dallas, Texas, United States
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"Snow Tha Product, Midlake and More North Texas Acts Added to SXSW 2013"

The next wave of SXSW acts was released today, and includes Midlake, Hudson Moore, Snow Tha Product, Sore Losers, K.O. Boyz, and Fort Worth's perennial curiosities Complete, who are most famous for this song, and yet still made it on the list (again) in 2013. - Dallas Observer writer: Audra Schroeder

"KO Boyz Interview / Bio By: Ruckus"

Ruckus : Who are the KO Boyz?

KO Boyz : Two “Swauvy” Individuals that go by New Money Menace & Hooligan aka Hoola BOW! We are the KOB Movement.

Ruckus: Describe your style of music?

KO Boyz: We call it “Suave” music. Just our own style really. We try to mix this New School and dallas club music together and make everybody rock to it.

Ruckus: What else do you do outside of music?

KO Boyz: If it aint business being handled we’re usually kicking back and relaxing with our people. It feels like its music 24/7 right now though haha.

Ruckus: What should people expect from your upcoming projects?

KO Boyz: A lot of versatility on every track. We like to switch it up a lot so expect the unexpected .

Ruckus: What artists are you listening to right now?

KO Boyz: Too many to name. Were big fans of music so we listen to all the mixtapes when they drop. We really been listenin to a lot of new artist lately like Big K.R.I.T, Yelawolf, and Meek Mill though.

Ruckus: Do you feel like your music will change the future of hip-hop?

KO Boyz: Most Definitely. We just trying to do our part to bring something different to the table. We definitely feel like its something different, or Rare as we call it! haha

Ruckus: Is there anything you would like our readers to know?

KO Boyz: We just want to let them know that we coming! no stopping us so just be on the look out.

Ruckus: How did you get your name?

KO Boyz: When we first started rapping at 16 our click and everybody at school started calling us the Knockout Boys, because of how they said we used to beat up every beat, no matter what it was. The name just stuck.

Ruckus: Where did you grow up?

KO Boyz: We spent our earlier years living in Dallas and later on we moved to Irving, Tx. That’s where we grew up, and got all of our game from. Shoutout to the Crooked I.

Ruckus: How long have you been in the game?

KO Boyz: Man we been with the music going on 8 years now.

Ruckus: Can you see you doing music for the rest of your life?

KO Boyz: Music will always be apart of us no matter what. We will always be involved in music because its our passion.

Ruckus: What will the future be like for KO Boyz?

KO Boyz: Its looking on the up and up haha. We won’t settle for anything less than great. We just gotta keep paying our dues and working hard and it’ll be all good.

Ruckus: Can you see your self as a role model to the younger Hip Hop crowd?

KO Boyz: We think we can show the younger generation in the future that you can just be you in this game, and as long as you’re a real n**** and keep it 100% your gonna be alright.

Ruckus: What are your views on how some of theses major labels are treating the independent artist now a days?

KO Boyz: Artist are definitely jumping out there and trying to make their own way a lot more now a days. especially since their so many resources to our disposal now you know. Major Labels have to come with it a lot more these days.

Ruckus: How do you see your music effecting the current state of Hip Hop?

KO Boyz: its gonna definitely help bridge some gaps. We feel Hip Hop is segrated right now. People try and seperate conscious rap with dallas club music and new school and all that and call the other one “Not real Hip Hop”. But it still has all the same elements, which we gonna remind people of.

Ruckus: Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment…

KO Boyz: We had a show in East Texas, and this girl wanted to get on stage with us. I guess her boyfriend wasn’t liking that cause he followed her on stage and tried to act like he was the hype man or something. And then, when we ask who he is, he tries to convince us that we know him. Not coo bro. WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?? haha
- Hype Magazine

"VirDiKo Music Distribution"

I am feelin ya'll. I gotta drop this one. I really want to hear what else you got. - DJ Avelanche from Portland, OR:

"VirDiKO Music Distribution"

RARE, thats what up. - dj party-tyme from birmingham, al :

"VirDiKo Music Distribution"

this track is raw. I am diggin this. - Channey D from Beloit, WI:

"VirDiKO Music Distribution"

good - South Family from Chiba,Japan:

"VirDiKO Music Distribution"

cool track gonna put it rotation & see what it do - DJ MYSTEREE from San Bernardino, CA:

"VirDiKO Music Distribution"

playing this again today
www.uniqueradio.org - 4-6pm UK time.. - DJ O.P from London:

"VirDiKo Music Distribution"

Jumping in the club with this one! - Outlaw Mighty Me from London :

"VirDiKo Music Distribution"

SALUTE THE "RARE" SHIT! - Redd from Compton:

"VirDiKo Music Distribution"

Heard this on the radio last night. Big ups to y'all cats. I remember y'all was Lil niggas doin it. Guess y'all the big niggas doin it now lol IM RARE - Shawty Blacc from East Tx:

"VirDiKo Music"

Loving this!!! - Lady Dia from Chicago:


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