Eery prepubescent Japanese dub pop perversions. Deep organ dub for the dance at the dark end of the rainbow.


Sebastian: Born bloody and naked, feed on junk food and frozen dinners, bmxin' white trash militia in the fingertips of Michigan.
Quote: "take your LSD decision very seriously"

Emi: Born bloody and naked, Tokyo to London to NYC. Blood singer. No age of consent.
Quote:"I'm not crazy."

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Written By: us

"Donuts, Ice cream, Dog Shit, Bong Rips."

I did chocolate bong hits while you slept
and when I woke this morning I was bit befret.. It was chemical thong shit danglin from your........

............ I could not take no for a response so I begged n begged and did a donut dance.


Written By: us

"Don't make me divide your tables.
I'll finger fuck your navels.
I don't want to be solving equations.
I'd rather be dolling out abrasions.
I'm no ones digit thriver.
cuz 10 squared is 100 mega gigowatts pile driver."

- - - - - - - - - -
This song tells the story of a young jap(anese) girl who's stuck in Abacus school unable to realize her aspiration to become a pro wrestler.


Abacus -single
Organ Roar -EP
POP Machine -LP

Set List

8 songs, 30-40 min.

song titles:
Cryptic Ass Voltage
Stupid People
Car City
Spotto Ja Naino
What's up.