We are a two man band. Nick Kockelman plays a series of guitars and sings while I, Jeff Taylor, play a series of hand drums The two of us play completely original material and have currently produced an eleven song album that we will release independently.


Our band came together through some unique influences. For one, our main scheme is acoustic in an effort to portray a band that sounds like more than 2 people. Our music and lyrics portray our lifestyles and experiences that we have gone through in the past two years. We have been influenced by Hendrix, Zeppelin, The Beatles, Ben Harper, and many others. We are distinct from other bands because we have found our own niche in a two man band portrayal. The hand drums accompany the guitars in a unique and original fashion unlike anything ever produced. We came to Moorhead, MN from different parts of the nation and music brought us together.


We have recorded an eleven song album that we will release independently.

Set List

All of our songs are original except for Folsom Prison (Cash), Hound Dog (Elvis), and Sympathy for the Devil (stones). We typically play for an hour to two hours with the majority of the music being original.