Kocky and mission is to break all the boundaries that exist in modern dance music. Between pop music and electro. Between r’n’b and techno. Between the classic and the new. Between the present and the future. And most important, between contemporary hip hop beats and the thing we call dance music.


Kocky puts everything he likes into the mix, he unites dance music with hip-hop, electro blends with house and RnB meets pop, and thus Kingdom Come has something for everyone. From the Ciara/Cassie-inspired electro RnB on Tricks, the nursery rhymes goes hip hop-banger (in the vein of recent hits like DJ Webstar’s Chicken noodle soup and Jibbs Chain hang low) ”My Grandma”.”Be part of it all” - a tributesong to the late disco pioneer Arthur Russell with international indie superstar Jens Lekman on vocals. The song ”Get that dough” featuring Timbuktu, Scandinavia’s best-selling rapper, and his long-time side-kick Chords, that introduces (and upgrades) the early 90’s hip house-sound to a new generation.


Kingdom Came was released symbolic all over Sweden on the independence day, the 9th May 2007.