Kodac Harrison

Kodac Harrison


I call it beatnik blues or folk soul. I am a singer/songwriter guitarist who has toured Germany 6 times. I have released 10 studio recordings and performed at the Prague International Jazz Festival as a solo artist. I often have the opportunity to sing with vocalist, Kristin Marketin.


I have performed for President Carter at the Carter Center. In have introduced and sang wiith Patti Smith. I have been joined in the studio or on stage by Jon Mayer and by Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls). A German critic once called my text, poetry, literature. I have been described as a cross between Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. I curently live in Atlanta, Ga. USA.


I have release ten studio recordings on two different independent labels. I have also released a couple of live recordings and a compilation. I have received airplay in the USA and have been on radio in Germany.

Set List

I perform mainly original songs with the occasional cover thrown in. I often include spoken word pieces. I perform solo, with Kristin and with a band that has been as large as ten pieces. I have written many songs and can perform short or long sets.