With the release of their first album in May, you can expect to see kodeRed performing all over the country at FYE Stores, colleges, Warped Tour, and more. This band is a ticking time bomb of creative energy looking to explode! Will you be ready?


Based out of NYC and the Pennsylvania area, kodeRed is an Alternative Rock/Pop band with the determination and talent to revolutionize the world of music.

Often compared to artists such as Evanescence and No Doubt, the high-energy guitar-driven rock, partnered with dynamic R&B-powered vocals and unique influences has been more than enough to amaze audiences everywhere.

In 2007, under their old alias “CFX”, they completed a successful FYE tour totaling thousands of CDs sold and thousands of fans made, while laying the groundwork for much bigger things.

At the dawn of 2008, the primary members realized they needed to make a change for the better. A new band member, a new name, and six new songs later, kodeRed was officially born.

The members of kodeRed have performed everywhere from classical concert halls to performing with the Black Eyed Peas, the All American Rejects, James Blunt, Nick Lachey and more.

Their music can already be heard on MTV shows like “Next”, “Pageant Place”, and “Why Can’t I Be You”, and they are preparing to release their debut album in May of 2008. They are getting ready to tour once again through FYE, colleges nationwide, and Warped Tour.

kodeRed is also a strong supporter of the organization “SADD” (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and has done numerous performances at area schools to promote a drug-free lifestyle.