Overland Park, Kansas, USA


Hailing from Overland Park, Kansas, KODIACT is a 5-piece reggae band with high intentions. Although located somewhere unexpected for our type of music, that is exactly what makes us stand out. Not to mention the fact that we're still all seniors in high school. The best has yet to come and were willing to accept all opportunities with open arms. Stay tuned for more news and lots of shows


More Than You Expected

Written By: Kodiact

I know I've caught you starin
Lookin at me
And you already be comparin
To your current situation
Trust me girl
I can live to your expectations
So gimme a chance
Baby to show you what I got
Sing it like Bradley
Cos loves what I got
And I can see it in your eyes
That you don't want no other guy
Please don't try to hide
Cos I like the way you smile
But all I'm askin is for some honesty
Don't lie, you wanna get at me like
And anytime I see you anywhere
You say hello
Goodbye is what I'm sayin cos it only makes you want me more

(Cos I'm more)
I'm more than you expected x4

You're more than just a friend
Stay with you til the very very end
I've been gettin those texts you been tryin' to send
My love is flexible, ya it's willing to bend
Bend like the trees
Make you buckle in your knees
I know you can't resist & you're beggin me please
Now you've got me starin
Lookin so good in those jeans you been wearin

Chorus again