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Kody is an extremely talented hip hop artist whose lyrical creativity is far beyond his years. His passion and dedication to make great music has allowed him to create a large fan base, and catch the attention of industry greats. This is one 16 year old set for superstardum. World, meet kody.


“Hip Hop ain’t dead it’s just buried alive. Ya Dig?” That’s a very profound question from an artist that wasn’t even born when Dr. Dre released his classic album "The Chronic." With album sales slumping and critics predicting the demise of hip-hop, lovers of the genre are in desperate need of a new fresh voice that is skilled enough lyrically to get the attention of the younger generation without being a ring tone rapper.

“If you aren’t part of the solution then you are part of the problem,” is exactly what you want to hear from the new face of Hip Hop. Born Kody Ervin on October 7, 1992 in Mississauga, Ontario Canada (a suburb of Toronto) Kody fell in love with hip-hop the first time he heard Biggie rap on "Mo Money Mo Problems." While other kids were impressed with Mase's shinny suits Kody was reciting Biggie’s verse word for word.

At twelve years old Kody’s parents kept him busy playing hockey in the winter and baseball in the summer but they were still unaware of his true passion. In the fall of 2006 Kody threw his dad a curveball when he told him he no longer wanted to play sports. He was even more shocked when Kody asked for studio equipment for Christmas.

Within a couple of weeks Kody was recording songs in his basement. The mixtape recordings were creating a buzz with Kody’s friends and schoolmates. In 2007 he entered Sound Click’s 10th Anniversary competition for unsigned artists under the name Casper. His song Dear Sound Click was voted an outstanding finalist and garnered a great review from the judges, “Can You Believe CaSper 101 is a 14 year-old kid from Canada? I would not be surprised if he becomes the next break-out star from Sound Click under 17. (The other one being Soulja Boy)”

The recording caught the ears of SG INK co-founders Freeky T and Grips. They quickly got Kody in the studio to start working on a six song demo. “Kody has re-energized my love for hip-hop,” explained Grips. “His ability to connect lyrically with his target audience amazes me."

Currently, Kody will be featured on the SG INK compilation "Suburban Ghetto: U Live In It" and he is putting the finishing touches on his debut album entitled "THE VOICE OF THE YOUTH." Kody quotes " I feel my music is my way to express my feelings, its real and experienced by teens throughout the world". This is where Kody's proclaimed " Voice of the Youth" originated.

Kody's unique, fluid and flexible flow has created a viral buzz via YouTube, Myspace and Facebook. With over 25,000 YT views and numerous competition victories Kody quotes "Web presence in todays business is huge, my core fan base are heavy internet users" www.kody-online.com

December 2008 Body English Nite Club hosted Kody's release of "My Way" which drew 800 screaming teens. The success of this event attracted club promoters throughout the Toronto area to book Kody to perform at their all age events.

Kody has all the right ingredients, the age, the look, the music and the attitude. He is a threat to be reckoned with!
Kody still remains very humble even with all of his success.

The recent recordings of "The voice of the youth" caught the attention of Juno Award winning producer Eddie Bullen who quotes "Kody's music is really great". The genius duo have whipped up a killer tune with a jazz vibe and a hip-hop flow to be released soon!

Kody's time is now, he quotes " Im only a 16 year old kid from the burbs, but I love hip-hop and the oppurtunity to share a voice that must be heard!"

When asked why he dropped his alas Casper in favor of his government name Kody, he simply replied,

“I want the world to know exactly who I am!”

Get your shovels out!

Contact Info:

Logan Palmer
Tel: 647 888 0129
Fax: 905 507 8176


The Lab

Written By: Kody

{Pegah Donna Skit Intro}
"Kody... Ive Been Calling you... You're not even answering... I don't get you... Remember your 15... You're living under my roof!... Alright? Listen to me... Come Upstairs RIGHT NOW! Kody?... Kody?"

Verse 1
Yeah, hes back to his vibrant base, his matrix
mumbles out thoughts, numbers down plots and... jots
It's where he hides his face... cuffs it down locked when he hibernates
Through thunder-loud knocks of the violent bass kicks
Other sounds cross, it's simultaneous
What he hears, goes something like
(I'm going to tell you this one more time)
He sits and waits, the sound drowns through the pounds
That loud sound that crowds in his distant space,
He doesn't reply, because if he was to, the time shuttling
From it could interrupt his minds structuring,
He keeps a book he tries publishing
The book that he writes to resign troubles with
Sleep, wake and back to where half of his life is spent
Right in the laboratory
Come on

So Come on enter in
The Lab, The Pad, The Cave, His Place and his Residence
The Underground Layer
Come on downstairs
All that damn noise comes like
"Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun"
"Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun"
His code base, His territory
Where he's home safe
The labratory

Verse 2
Shh... Quiet, his silence is priceless
Matter fact lend him some space and take five steps
Don't question his ways, they stay private
Watch in surprisement, a rise in ya eyelids
He demonstrates great so admire just
Being in this heaven made place where inside it is a source
If Ignited with a force, it was like a sort of torch, that'll generate flames, uh
When you visit check enhancements of devices,
Different types of all appliances and elegant things
The beat thunders
Locks the door separating light from sight, and throws the keys under
Flying time proceeds by his eyes with speed
Night skies shine so vibrantly
He can finally see... So it's back to that
Quite dim lightness habitat at the lab

So Come on enter in
The Lab, The Pad, The Cave, His Place and his Residence
The Underground Layer
Come on downstairs
All that damn noise comes like
"Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun"
"Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun"
His code base, His territory
Where he's home safe
The labratory

{Pegah Donna Skit Outro}
"Put away this music... Come upstairs right now... I'm tired of repeating myself to you everyday... I come home, tired, working hard, cooking for you guys so you can have a better life... And what do you do? All you do is play Hip Hop.. What is with this Rap? Every single day Kody.. I am fed up!"

"Where He's Home Safe, The Laboratory"

Kody: Let me get back to this homework...

Peggah Donna: Stop that music... Come upstairs and eat your dinner!

Kody: Coming Mom


Kody- The Lab Ft. Peggah Donnah (Debut)

Kody- My Way (Debut single, released nationally)

Kody- Highly anticipated debut album " Voice Of The Youth" is soon to be released. Mid 2009.

Set List

Here is an example of a set list that Kody would perform:

My way ft Grips 3:27
Have faith 3:45
Dont hate on my City ft Selfmeyi 3:06
The Lab 3:13
Merry Go Round: 3:35

Set lists may differ from venue to venue. Kody has spent almost a year creating over 40 songs. Grips (Kody's Producer) usually accompanies Kody while performing.