K.O.E. is an eclectic mix of high-energy funk, rock, hip-hop, and reggae that is fun for every type of listener who hears it. It is a groovy, upbeat wild ride that will fill you with the unrelenting desire to move your feet, shake your thang, and dance until the sweat pours.


K.O.E. is comprised of very different, yet very similar tastes in each band member. As a whole, one of K.O.E.'s major influences is any and everything that came from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their new style funk is what we model a lot of our stuff by. We also are driven by as much of the old school funk as you can think of. Funk pioneers like James Brown, Parliament, Curtis Mayfield, and Bootsy Collins play intricate rolls in how we present and create our music. What is great about K.O.E. is that each member has been influenced by different genres growing up. Just about every genre is heard including bands like 311, Rush, Faith No More, Pharcyde, any D.C. go-go, Santana, Grateful Dead, A Tribe Called Quest, Phish, James Brown, any blues, and Tool.
What sets K.O.E. apart from other bands is that somehow we are able to blend all of our interests into the original sound that we have. Plus the live shows are full of relentless energy, vivid stage presence, and all out commitment.


Suppah Triangle

Written By: MC Clink

What time is it?!
Man I’m about as hungry as a starving bengal,
What time is it?!
Oh wait, I think I hear the suppah triangle, yeah.
After a hard day at work, the sweat drippin’ from my brow,
The last chore of the day makin’ my stomach growl.
Dirty fingernails shows me how hard it’s been,
When I wake up tomorrow I gotta do it again.

All day I work and tire for what in return,
For the lasting satisfaction and to feel the burn.
I could’ve been in computers or even sales
But instead I choose the land where suppah triangle wails

The tractor’s in the shed, the horses in the stable
I can already smell dinner sittin’ on the table.
Who needs the sound of a bell or a whistle?
Suppah triangle rings like a blast from a missile.

We file in in a figure 8 position
Disorderly be the mood we be switchin.
Everybody grabs a seat like its musical chairs
And the last to hit the table are grabbin at each others hairs

So what comes next, yo, what would you expect?
We all sit back givin the cook some respect.
Our tradition started after every meal,
We know its time when grandpa stompin’ his heel.

Out to the porch we creep one by one
Right about now its time to have some fun.
We sit out front with instruments in our hands
Its time to jam like we in a blues band.

Pop grabs the bass, mom grabs the cello
The groove is set as it starts nice and mellow
When it starts to speed from a different angle
Yo, what do you know, here comes the suppah triangle!
What time is it?
Man you know I just can’t let it sit and dangle.
What time is it?
It’s time to play suppah triangle!
Awww what time is it?!

A freakish groove thrown through the neighborhood,
All the neighbors stop by cause we playin’ pretty good
When you think triangle duties are almost over,
In comes the beat like a four-leaf clover.

From hip-hop to blue grass we breakin’ it down
Next thing we know everybody in town
Came to see who was playin’ and who was shakin’,
Looks like we got a festival in the makin’.

Concession stands and t-shirt vendors
Brothers makin’ fruit drinks with electric blenders
The sheriff rolls in like he’s got somethin’ to say,
Rocks a beat on the mic and then he’s on his way.

The town got involved with the music we was makin’
Gyrating their hips and lots of booty shakin’
There’s one thing we’d like to mention
This was not our initial intention

Just look at the fun had by all the people
Singin’ and dancin’ everybody is equal
Good vibes and karma from every angle
And it’s all because of the suppah triangle.


We currently have released two full-bodied LP's and are featured on a compilation CD:

-Premium Original (2003)

-NO2 (2000)

-Best of Local Music-Washington D.C. (2004)
A benefit compilation CD sponsered by Potbelly Sandwich Works featuring a song chosen from Premium Original by 99.1 WHFS. The CD is available at all Washington area Potbelly Sandwich Works locations.

-We have tracks that you can listen to on our website www.kinderofevolution.com.

-3 K.O.E. tracks have received radio airplay.

Set List

K.O.E. shows can vary from 30 minutes to 3 1/2 hours depending on the gig. Our typical set list can be comprised of any of the following original songs:

stolen power
porno song
old school
3 weeks off
microphone assault
no worries
red sun acid
travelin' freak
brooklyn caste
suppah triangle
planetary vibes
3 toed thoughts
uptown funk machine
la buscera

We only add the K.O.E. stamp to cover songs during longer shows. Our typical repertoire for covers is funk/rock, including the Chili Peppers, 311, and Coolio.