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The best kept secret in music


"Music Monthly Regional Reviews - K.O.E.'s Premium Original"

Wah pedal, bongos, rhythmic guitars and walking basslines make up the Red Sun Acid instrumental; as well as the rest of the album. The beginning of the Kinder of Evolution album is very reminiscent of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, musically, but words would have definitely spiced up this unusually long intro-instrumental track.
What must be understood immediately, KOE is very Baltimore (the finer side of things) - you will definitely hear the All Mighty Senators influence, not to mention the picture of the inner-harbor on the CD jacket. I particularly enjoyed the breakdown (about four-minutes and thirty seconds into the first track). "Mr. Brownstone" (Guns N' Roses), without the distortion, is the best way to describe the "Suppah Triangle" introduction; mixed with some George Clinton styled bass progressions. "Planetary Vibes" sounds as if it was stripped directly off of Blood, Sugar, Sex Magic, or even Pushing the Salmonella Envelope. Stronger vocal melodies would have helped push this song into a forgiving galaxy, but the breakdown, so reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine, growl and all, didn't help spark or cut the creative seal; glued together with a lick from familiar paragons. "Travelin' Freak" was, in a word - "chill", I dig it! Freak Flypaper - sweet and smooth! "Three Weeks Off" was a fresh glass of water - wow! I would have loved hearing this song earlier on, the vocals (alias rock n' roll vocalist name - "Bleach") sounded great, and he really shines best in this key/range; without a doubt, the strongest track on the album! - (Comparable to Sting with a dash of Sublime) Second best you ask ... hmmm, the second runner up - "Brooklyn Castle" (beautiful)! "Uptown Funk Machine" may be a lil' bold and unbelievable for senior George Clinton fanatics, but I liked it, nonetheless - it sounds exactly how you'd expect it to sound, based on the title. Microphone Assualt brings back the heavier element of the band, Rage styled riffs = good! If i'm to sum up this album, I'd say K.O.E. is much like: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Real Big Fish, Rage Against the Machine, The All Mighty Senators, George Clinton, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, etc., got the idea? Premium Original is a tight album from from to back; I strongly recommend this record to the rock/funk lovers ... hangin' out there ... with the *__***__**-mothership*--**-*-* (stars and dashes are syntax for stars/outer-space) - it's worth it! Nice work. - Brad Cox, Music Monthly

""In Their Own Words""

What best describes your music?
An eclectic mix of high-energy sound that makes the body electric.
Do you practice any particular warm-up rituals to prepare for a performance?
Before each show, we get together in a group circle. We prep each other for a great performance, one entity, and then we deliver. After-show rituals include tequila shots for all.
If you could predict the future, what does the band's future hold?
Success, families funded by rhythm, world tours, and limitless creativity.
If you play originals, who writes the words and music?
K.O.E. writes the words and music as a collective effort. Jam sessions are cultivated into premium originals, each song a unique aural assault.
Any plans to put out a new CD?
We finished our second album produced by Fidel's Jerome Maffeo. This (album) is a true representation of the evolution of K.O.E. from its origins. Current members: Bleach (bass/vocals), Rob 5000 (guitars), Kodiak (drums), MC Clink (vocals, percussion, didg).
How do you feel about your new CD?
We are very excited about the end product. We wanted to make sure that we captured the essence of our live shows throughout the CD. The intensity, we feel, is well represented, and the sound is hype! Jerome did a stellar job!
How long did it take to complete the CD?
Man, it seemed like it took forever and it almost did, but we wanted to make sure that we released a top-notch product that was a full representation of what we have to offer. The 12 tracks on the album blend a mass of musical elements that make it easy to breeze through the album before you know it and make you want to listen to it again.
Any CD release parties in the near future? Absolutely! We will be having Baltimore's CD release party on October 25th at the Royal on Light Street in Federal Hill with Fidel and Atomic Brown. Our Annapolis CD release party wil be on November 22nd at the Eastport Clipper on 6th St. Go to the website for more information.
What genre of music most influences the band?
K.O.E., which stands for Kinder of Evolution, means we are influenced by any and every genre of music, which enables us to evolve into our own original sound.
What is your ultimate goal as a group?
To show people our true heart through stron performances, meaningful lyrics, and dynamic presence.
Describe a live show experience:
A booty-shakin rollercoaster ride that will suck you right in. We really should make sure the fans remember to bring their dancin' shoes. You need to come out to a show and experience it to feel it. . .
What are your favorite venues?
The Recher Theatre, Cardwell's Tavern, Fletcher's, The Eastport Clipper, and the beloved but not forgotton 8x10.
What do you like best about the local music scene?
Baltimore has many local clubs to choose from and lots of different groups of people including students, professionals and ladies.
How long has the band been performing?
K.O.E. has been evolving since 1999. After the loss of original drummer and DJ, the current 4-man lineup continues to funk the masses.
Who are your biggest supporters?
Our biggest supporters, besides our family and friends, are those who have seen or heard us play.
How do you contact the band?
Contact K.O.E. at www.kinderofevolution.com. - Chesapeake Music Guide (Annapolis, MD)

"Album review by Michael Masey, formally of WRNR 103.1"

K.O.E. or Kinder of Evolution have produced one of the funkiest records I have heard in quite some time. With nods to James Brown and P-Funk to name just a few of the influences heard on Premium Original, they stay true to the title with a truly original sound that will appeal to both old and new school factions. Throwing a little metal and some softcore rap into the mix, K.O.E have made a fresh sounding piece of music that stands up to repeated listenings. Kicking things off is an instrumental tune Red Sun Acid which starts off with the low droan of a
didjiridu, not an instument usually associated with funk, joined by the infectious rhythm section that keeps tight reign throughout the album. One of my personal faves on the cd, Uptown Funk Machine, starts off with a JB sex machine riff then morphs into a Morris Day and the Time type tune before finally exploding into a fuzzy guitar driven rap style that shows that these guy's aren't one trick ponies.To be honest,on some songs unless you follow along with the lyric sheet, you probably won't understand a whole lot of what's being sung,but isn't that half the fun of rock and roll anyway? The ones you can understand don't deal with real weighty issues. The prodution of the album is first rate,with a sounds that's clean and uncluttered and a sonic quality that really does let each instument stand on it's own.The bass sounds punchy,the drums tight and the guitar mix is done to good effect. Producer Jerome Maffeo should be proud. If you don't like rap of any kind,then Premium Original might not be your thing, but if you like fun funky music that sounds familiar and new at the same time with a groove that won't let up, you'll probably dig it. After it's all said and done, isn't it really all about shakin' your boot.
- Chesapeake Music Guide


We currently have released two full-bodied LP's and are featured on a compilation CD:

-Premium Original (2003)

-NO2 (2000)

-Best of Local Music-Washington D.C. (2004)
A benefit compilation CD sponsered by Potbelly Sandwich Works featuring a song chosen from Premium Original by 99.1 WHFS. The CD is available at all Washington area Potbelly Sandwich Works locations.

-We have tracks that you can listen to on our website www.kinderofevolution.com.

-3 K.O.E. tracks have received radio airplay.


Feeling a bit camera shy


K.O.E. is comprised of very different, yet very similar tastes in each band member. As a whole, one of K.O.E.'s major influences is any and everything that came from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their new style funk is what we model a lot of our stuff by. We also are driven by as much of the old school funk as you can think of. Funk pioneers like James Brown, Parliament, Curtis Mayfield, and Bootsy Collins play intricate rolls in how we present and create our music. What is great about K.O.E. is that each member has been influenced by different genres growing up. Just about every genre is heard including bands like 311, Rush, Faith No More, Pharcyde, any D.C. go-go, Santana, Grateful Dead, A Tribe Called Quest, Phish, James Brown, any blues, and Tool.
What sets K.O.E. apart from other bands is that somehow we are able to blend all of our interests into the original sound that we have. Plus the live shows are full of relentless energy, vivid stage presence, and all out commitment.