"Smooth, Melodic, Innovative, Creative, Unique." Are just some of the words you could use to describe this singer/songwriter/flowloist.


Koffee "Unpredictably Soulful!"

The Album:

The Much Anticipated Sophomore "Miss Georgia" Album is one that is uniquely woven around a day in the mode of "Koffee" Dawn Dillard as it relates to being/becoming an artist while still in Corporate America and how the two clash on her path for a perfect Life. "If such a thing exists." As one of her songs questioned.

The very creatively sultry & wildly radiant Koffee, manages to build the new album around, relatable yet brief company (corporate) time interjections for a bevy of believable interludes that actually are relative to the music content!

The concept of taking an average work day to address topics of…Love, Domestic Violence, Pain, Past Reflections, Personal Quests, Insecurities and Inspiration… is a brilliantly fresh idea with just the right balance. Koffee's Music/Content is Risky, Edgy, Urban, Soulful, Alternative and Freshly Unique!

Koffee's "word~playful" writing style is an interesting twist of compelling, poetic scat sung over melodic almost hip hop jazz tracks. It's no wonder she is referred to as Koffee-the-flowloist(vocalist). Some may be quick to categorize her genre as "Neo Soul mixed with R&B" But hold on to your seats as her curveball flow salsa dances from B-Side broken beats, to sexy scatic-stucatto interludes, to cold hip hop flows, to acoustic stories, right back to a heart felt love Ballad. Koffee with her music style and appeal covers a lot of ground and will be a hard act to follow! Koffee, the world's new "Bad Girl of Soul" affectionately termed this for breaking Industry (in the box) rules while instead putting out an album that is all about being an artist 1st and foremost, will be nothing less than "Unpredictably Soulful!" Keep your ears hot & ready for the new …"Miss Georgia" album coming Jan 2008!

The Artist:

"Smooth, Melodic, Innovative, Creative, Unique." Are just some of the words you could use to describe this singer/songwriter/flowloist.

Koffee, who is originally from Springfield, Mass. Yet has lived on the West Coast, East Coast, North and now Dirty South, is banking on this versatility and cultural consciousness as an added ingredient in her unique style. She has a cool inner-city, sexy uptown intrigue with a warm southern appeal almost impossible to miss!

The Album Team:

The team has about a total of 27 people of which consists of folks on Promo, Business, Engineers/Recording, Producers, Support Back Ground Singers, Collaborated Artists, Photography, Graphic Designs and Stylist Teams! We communicate via email with a Weekly Update and Our Weekly Tuesday Business team is always open to all Team members/conference call or live!

Questions and Answers:

Q. How long does it take you to write a song?

A. Oh my goodness, sometimes immediately other times the track/music has to marinate on me, usually I have the Hooks 1st

Q. Who have you been compared to?

A. Jill Scott lol!, Dwele, Erykah, Roots, Heather Headly and Beyonce(the runs in vocals I think)

Q. Who are your musical inspirations?

A. I love Lauryn!!! Hmm, Musiq, Mary J Blige and Vivian Green
Q. What is your favorite song on the "Miss Georgia" Album?

A. Oh boy, this is hard! Lol! Lovin' u was (because it tells a creatively sad love story in an abstract way) & there are more just unsure right now… (still in production).


Celebratin Love'
You Gotta Be so Good?
Whatchasayin is?
Out Of KeY

Set List

A show cd that consist of snippets and a cover or 2 of most of the album songs it is 30 minutes of Pure entertainment!