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The BassiX (2013)



KOHD was gifted with an ear for music and desire to perform since birth. He is intrigued by how things work, and is always taking things apart and putting them back together. KOHD started out making hip hop beats, until he started diving into the world of synths and heavy bass creations, and he fell in love. KOHD's already versatile skills including sampling, turntables, technology and musical childhood gave KOHD a strong head start. KOHD's uniquely blended structures of hip hop, electro, classic rock, reggae and even orchestral music will catch your ear and attention in just a few seconds. KOHD went to school for Recording Arts and turned everything he learned into making himself a better, well rounded independent artist. After school he had given up everything else but music. Music equaled freedom in the purest form to him. A world he could escape too and create all from his own mind and there was never anyone to tell you no. No boundaries, no limits, just freedom. Until 2011 when KOHD was the passenger in a massive car accident that changed his life forever. He luckily only suffered a severe concussion but it had reset his mind entirely. KOHD spent just over an entire year recovering, re-learning how to walk, how to talk, how to do everything all over again. Spending most of his time in a dark room controlling his environment because too much of anything triggered migraine's immediately. Something's came back quicker or easier than others, but this really put a halt to his music career. It also changed KOHD in a way he could have never imagined. Now when you see or meet him, you would never know he went through such a traumatic experience fairly recently. KOHD's vibe, energy, aura and passion are all so contagious it leaves you wanting more and more. His inspiration comes from nearly everything he see or does, but the main thing that drives him is putting his musical creations in front of fans and watching them just enjoy themselves. The love of augmenting emotion with sound is a big reason he does music. He is always thinking ahead of the game and in most of his music you can hear that. You can actually see it when you see him live. Being an innovator and inventor he is creating a new way to manipulate sound with motion that is correlated to frequencies that make you truly feel you are in the presence of an artist, not just a performer. His dream was to give people a show, no, an experience that would change their common perception of DJ's and performing acts all together. KOHD was tired of hearing people say they don't want to go see a DJ when all they do is just "push buttons". So KOHD is creating an entirely new way to entertain his audience, full of people who normally would rather not go see a DJ. You must see it for yourself, words will fall short every time you try and explain KOHD and his revolutionary visions.