This seven piece band brings an eclectic mix of music genres blended into a fresh sound that is uniquely their own. In this musical crock-pot, you'll find a dose of hip-hop, a heaping tablespoon of electronica and funk, and a helluvalot of rock! It's koi...and it's hard to sit still to.


After a long run in former band Big belly Mule, band members Forrest Green (Vocals/Keys), Dave Leatherman (Auxiliary Percussion) and Todd Brown (Drums/Vocals) needed something new to focus their energy. Set on not letting their passion for music and experience playing together go by the wayside, they decided to reform the band with a cutting-edge, fresh new sound. Having already shared the stage with regional and national acts such as Cornmeal, Tea Leaf Green, and Tony Furtado; the guys wanted to stay in the same genre, but mix things up a little bit.

It took over 200 collective years for them to come together, but rest easy music junkies…your fix has arrived. koi boasts seven highly talented musicians from all walks of life. A little bit experimental, a little bit funk, a little bit electronic - band member inspirations have a wide range and, therefore, bring many different sounds to the stage.

Todd Brown (Drums/Vocals) and Dave Leatherman (Auxiliary Drums) bring many years of drum corps training to the group. Dave plays a surplus of auxiliary equipment including congas, bongos, timbales, and has recently added an electronic drum set to the mix. Todd keeps the drive going on the acoustic set, as well as adding main and backup vocals from time to time.

Forrest Green (Vocals/Keys/Rhodes) was a music composition major who lends his creative writing skill to the band - creating some if it’s best work. What he didn’t learn about music in school, he has learned through playing live with good folk.

Bruce Johanson (Guitar), and Rick Madden (Bass/Vocals) bring many collective years of playing to the table. Bruce was brought in to carry the duties that only a true guitar player could do. Rick not only throws down on bass, but also tends to give the crowd an extra treat from time to time.

Finally, you have Brett Brown (DJ/Samples/Keys/Vocals) who has a plethora of talent. This guy will make your head nod. Brett was used to being around the previous band helping with sound, but now he’s creating it and it is nothing short of incredible.

Then again, none of the above really matters. What matters most is that the music is phenomenal. Fresh, genre breaking, and it's about time. But we don't want to sell you, we won't have to...the music will sell itself. If you hear of koi performing anywhere near you, check them out. Who knows, you might even dance.

All member of koi bring something completely different to the table, musically.

Separate they are powerless. Together, they are koi.


koi is currently gearing up to record their first studio release.

Set List

A typical koi show as a headliner consists of two 60-90 minute sets with a 15-30 minute setbreak. In some cases, an extra encore set will be added.