Koi is one of those rare bands that intelligently avoids the empty sensationalism and ungrounded noodling of modern independent music. Koi's songs are very catchy from the start, but don't lack maturity and overall talent over every angle of the musical spectrum. Think MuteMath meets Radiohead!


Our band is Koi from Western, Massachusetts. Personal experience is what influences our music and songs in general. We listen to numerous types of music as band, and when brought together, we make up a distinct brand of indie rock. The title track off our EP is one that digs deep with most of us band members. It explains about someone who goes off the beaten path of life, and ends up in a place that friends and loved ones wishes he/she should not have gone. As friends first, and bandmates second, we are always looking out for eachother. We don't have a quote "rock n roll" type lifestyle. We just love playing music, and want our listeners to understand a little bit more about life through our songs. Our biggest influences range from MuteMath to Radiohead, to the Foo Fighters, Coldplay and Muse. We like to try new things musically, and set ourselves apart from even the bands that influence us. Our live show is definitely one to see for yourself. It is very energetic, and constantly moving into the unexpected. From catchy call and response chorus' to jumpy beats and melodies, audiences are left on the tip of their toes during the live show. Never a dull moment!
-- Venues we have played --
Six Flags - Fall Quest Main Stage (opened for Jeremy Camp, and The Afters),
The Bandstand - Taunton, MA
Maximum Capacity - Chicopee MA
Habitat for Humanity Benefit - Waterbury, CT
The Space - Hamden, CT
Gordon College - Salem, MA
Springfield College - Springfield, MA
Mt. Holyoke College - Holyoke, MA


Come Back Home EP - March 2007

Radio airplay on 99.7 FM - the Q, Feeding Hills, MA

Set List

1. Nightlife
2. Come Back Home
3. On and On
4. Hidden in this Fiction
5. Hey, Hey, Hey
6. Forwards and Backwards
7. Old News
8. Nosotros
9. Algebra

We are working on alot of new songs right now, and have been trying them out live every chance we have. Our set of 8-9 songs usually ranges from 45 min. to 1 hour. Covers are usually not part of our repertoire, but they are always welcomed.