Koji AKA Mr. Fantastic

Koji AKA Mr. Fantastic

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I believe that I am that element of hip hop thats been gone for a long time. That witty kind of funny but true, I wouldn't say rapper. More like a lyrical narrator. And I also produce my own original beats.


I'm from Brooklyn. I grew up hard just like everybody else. But I wont complain, it's what made me what I am. (Absolutely disgusting). I been rapping ever since I can remember. I dont even think I could pinpoint a date I started if my life depended on it. But I do know when I got serious. It was the first time I performed in front of a crowd of people and none of them knew me. And I rocked it. The feeling was unbelievable. The love I got that night was amazing. It made me realize how good I was at this music stuff. I've never doubted my skill , but sometimes an artist needs a little reassurance from an outside influence to really gain that extra boost of confidence. I can rap any kind of way. Fast, slow, freestyle, battle etc. But what I really want to do is make people think. Not to just hear my voice over a beat and bop their heads. I want to make them feel my music. To feel what I am saying as if it were happening right there in front of them. This is wheat the biggie and pacs of the world were able to accomplish. And I know that I can do that. My library of beats is insane. Thats what I do. Everything. They say if you want something done right do it yourself. That is no lie. I strarted making beats out of necessity. You cant keep jacking beats and expect to be taken seriously. Once I started I learned one thing. Music is just in me. And once I started to release it freely from within, I amazed myself. It was like once I trained myself and learned how to use the equipment. There werent any more obstacles. I made my first album (Substancial Coolateral). And released it to the streets of New York. Along with the best mixtape ever.( the Big Bang Theory). Stolen by Busted Rhymes himself. Its all good though. Over here we take such acts as a complement. He didnt steal no lyrics but he definitely swiped the name. But I can tell you about some other cat that straight jacked some lyrics from my mixtape. He is definitely some dumb dude who thought me and my boys lyrics would win him a battle. They would have if he spit it right. But thats what happens when youre a deer in a room with lions.


Shorty Get Low/One2/ Taken Me/Say I was Fly/Pose For Me

Set List

I do a typical 4 song 15 minute perfomance. Can be longer if need be.