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Synaptic overload of punk/hiphop/funk/rock/psychodisco, whichever box you want to put Kokayi in, he explodes out of. Kokayi grinds and leave stages merked. Kokayi likes long walks in the sand and goat cheese. turn ons: big speakers, crazy fans. turn offs: skinny jean assless chaps.


Kokayi (Carl Walker) is a Grammy-nominated artist and producer. Best described as a synaptic overload of post-apocalyptic punk and hip hop. Kokayi continues to garner rave reviews and new fans.Pronounced 'Ko-Kah-Yee' (or KOKE for short), this Washington D.C. native takes his name from the Swahili word meaning 'to summon the people'. Musically self-sufficient and versatile in ways that are reserved for upper-echelon talents, he produces his own music, writes his own rhymes, sings from the gut, and is self-taught on several instruments.

 Sharing stages with: Little Dragon, Pharoah Monche, Diamond District, Jean Grey, Black Milk, The Roots, Busta Rhymes, Rakim, Wale, Talib Kweli, Stalley, Oddisee, Zion I, Tonedeff, Cunninglyinguists, PackFM, Mr. SOS, Substantial, Homeboy Sandman, J*DAVEY, KRS-1, Muscle City, Heiroglyphics, and The Carps. Without resting on laurels he continues to have the same mantra, “whether 5, 500, 5,000 or 50,000 people in the audience, Kokayi gives the same show, with the same intensity.

Kokayi's latest record Pro Deo et Patria was voted #6 of best records of 2012 by the Washington City paper and # 3 best indie record of 2012 by RoxFontaine.com. It was also picked for Number 5 on the Best of 2012 on Bold As Love.us. The lead single Birdus Ghetti from Pro Deo et Patria was featured as an exclusive download on MTV's Hive.com. 5 of his songs can be heard in Kevin Hart's "Laugh at my Pain" and an original composition appears in the Bernie Mac documentary "I Ain't Scared of You". His record Robots & Dinosaurs received a 93/100 from the taste makers at Okayplayer, with the video “RoxTar” from winning “The Freshmen” contest for MTVU.


Birdus Ghetti

Written By: Kokayi

ll tell you bout these birds
the rarest kind to see
unless you living baby
living sorta close to me
They all come out at night
with a giant eye
its blazing like the sun got free

Cuz they be Flying high love
Just to see what they can see
And if u come out at night
And then you fit that type love
They Swooping down and charge u with a felony

See they ain't the early type
they hunting for them worms
they make it sound dirty when they squawk your name
They on they perch at times
Rolling with guns on fire
I swear they trigger happy
When they go untamed


they saying
Caw boy
hold up that wall boy
They tweeting from the skies above
And then their friends in kind
respond in lingua swine
put you in them metal cuffs
why that man


caw caw baby doll won't you all get free.

Breve Long E

Written By: Kokayi

Pedal to the floor
eyes wide open
W/ your Gas tank hugging E
U want 100 miles an hour
The past in the rearview
But ya top out at 63
A passion for the fast lane
Anywhere anything
Flashing lights
Stop signs
Runabout that's the chain
that's keeping you from being free

You've got to slow down and breathe

you on the run
you under the gun
Chasing those lucid dreams
Tray full of roaches on a endless roller coaster
Burning out at 1000 degrees
The candles at no end ya wicks all done up
And you wax on your memories so
Ain't nothing left
your nose blown open
And ya friends no where to be seen


Back from Betty
you hyped ever ready
your Chips in ya pockets
your hands close to steady
up in the fray
the jacks in the glove (box)
keys in the starter babe
and you are just thinking of


ZaZa Hey

Written By: Kokayi

now They place upon us target
We exaggerate our largess
Pump a chest no progress
Jump up confess and start it
Where's that fire
To burn Babylon desire
To free up ourselves inspire
So pick up your head get higher
This ain't romantic
Get up stands up demand it
May lose a life get stranded
One black fist get branded
They want your spirit
To crush it enough to steal it
To repackage it the sellit
Back to the I for profit

hey now (all right)
The People dancing stay in the light fantastic
Not a care in the world (all right)
We gonna chance it
free up our minds
Get frantic

So where you at king
Queen Don ya crown No slacking
We sing enough
Start acting
Bruk up this stuff
Stop asking
And take our justice
Our Freedom
Our kingdoms
Our lands and our people
Our futures we need to
Stop this hapless slackness
now Children
Bewildered wilderness
Is building
Free up ya mind
Be realist
Explode in visions
Manifest no prisons
Stop dying
get busy living


Pro Deo et Patria (2012)
N.W.L. (deacon the villian and Sheisty Khrist) American Greed
Robots and Dinosaurs (2010) producer all songs except (Autumns Rules, produced by Oddisee)
Fresh (Tabi Bonney) IHIPHOP 2010-producer Blinding/Slackers Farewell vocals/Like A King/ Winners Tourney
Dope (Tabi Bonney) Sky republic 2009 - producer go hard, jet setter JetSetter is in rotation on MTV Jamz
theCaesarz-All Hail 2008 (producer/performer/arranger/mixer)
Life Is (Tamara Wellons) Ocha Records 2008 -producer
Higher Ground (Wayna) -Quiet Power 2008 moonlight rendezvous, Loving You (music) producer/c-producer
Mass Instructions-2007artist/producer
The new grease(k11)2007-artist/producer
Monster Maker(babygrande)-back ground vocals

for streaming audio go to www.kokayi.bandcamp.com

Set List

Typical set is 60 minutes but can play for 2 hours if necessary. Usually one long set. Songs from Pro Deo et Patria, Robots & Dinosaurs, Mass Instructions, EP releases The New Grease, and punk offerings from all hail. Pandemonium will ensue. No covers unless fully inspired.