K.O. Kid

K.O. Kid

 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
BandHip HopEDM

A rapper and producer/DJ duo, K.O. Kid is an exciting newcomer to the music scene. Flanked by his childhood friend (Ladro), these college students from North Carolina are known for their energetic live shows. Fresh off of an EP release on March 1st, K.O. Kid has an undeniable buzz around him.


With the combination of dope rhymes and catchy tunes, K.O. Kid (born Kobla Hargett) has quickly developed a strong following. In a short eighteen month span, K.O. built up a buzz by recording and releasing his debut mixtape, Dr.'s Orders. With his childhood friend, Ladro (Paul Barker) the two came out with a mixtape that centered around intelligent rhymes and a mixture of soulful, jazzy, and funky beats. K.O., born and raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is a hip-hop artist who has always had a passion for music. He began to take his career seriously after he became a freestyling sensation at East Carolina University. Growing up listening his parents playing Gil Scott-Heron and Al Green records, K.O. developed a diverse musical background that has helped him further his hip-hop aspirations. K.O. coupled that deep routed background with some more modern influences, such as Jay-Z, Nas, J.Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco, etc., to create his own sound and unique style.


Dr.'s Orders - debut mixtape
Blow! - single (college radio stations around NC)
Crave You- single
Momma's Boy- single (college radio stations around NC)
Chromeostasis - 6 song EP rhyming over remixed Chromeo songs