Koki G

Koki G

 Boise, Idaho, USA

New school sound with old school appeal. Few artists are delivering that smooth, sultry sound that makes the ladies want romance and the men wanting to deliver on it. Koki's music embodies the essence of what harmonious vocal expression should sound like.


Don't let the baby face fool you. Jorge Gonzalez aka “Koki G.” is no new-born to the game. From humble beginnings growing up in and around Nyssa, Oregon's labor camp, Koki would entertain every moment he got. Whether it was singing at a community event or in front of familia while his father played guitar to Spanish corridos and cumbias, Koki immediately found a passion to match his gift.

Over the years his vocals have developed into a distinctive trademarked sound that is able to complement everything from his Latin roots to R&B new and old school alike. Now that he's partnered with G-Spot Productions, this powerhouse is set to cement the obvious that Koki is far from a studio vocalist. With suave harmonies and distinguished melodies guaranteed to have you refilling your champaign glass and reignite a romance maybe long forgotten, its time for young and old to listen up; you've just entered Koki's place.


2012: Self Titled EP: