Eugene, Oregon, USA

Kokobola lays down a rhythmic good-time groovacious rumble. Drums percussion work w/ adventurous bass to make a sublime stew, a jazzy jacuzzi for dancers. Friendly chordal vamps give way to flights of twin guitars gliding over delta island landscapes- funky, fancy, fushionesque and fun.


Frank Sprouse- guitarist, enjoys playing out over multi-textured grooves, and writes and arranges the band's mostly original music. His influences include Dave Matthews, Monte Montgomery, Steve Kimock, with a nod to Jerry Garcia. The influences in his songwriting and playing have caused the band's sound to be described as "Steely Dead."

Steve Mosher- bass, builds his own instruments, all amazing to behold, and he's just as comfortable playing his four string as his eight string. He provides a dexterous and complex foundation for the musical explorations of the band. His chops are deep, and his influences range far and wide, from Phil Lesh to Stanley Clarke.

Carl Lopes- percussion, is an exquisitely tasteful expert on everything from congos to djembe. He provides a rich tapestry of rhythms to heighten and enhance the band's innovative musical forays. He is at home with one drum or seven, and always coaxes magic from them all when he plays.

Rick Buckendahl powers the band's hard-to-resist rhythms. His skillful sensitive chops orchestrate deep grooves ranging from a New Orleans 2nd line gumbo to a calypso party, with all stops in between. Rick's drumming turns the dance floor into a bounce house of bumptiousness for folks who like to move.

Luke Ochsenbein- guitarist, hails from Missouri and his former band, Totojojo. His supple playing makes Kokobola's melodic melange deeper, sweeter, and funkier. Luke can simmer and slash, and his musical adventurism brings smiles everywhere we play.


Damned If I Do

Written By: Frank Sprouse

Verse One
Ridin’ along in the car got the radio off.
Don’t want to hear any songs about lovers who lost.
Gas tank is full, and the wheels makin’ such a nice sound.
Fixin’ to wind up a long way away from this town.
Verse Two
You got me thinkin’- no reason to try anymore .
You said it best- you can stay, if you sleep on the floor.
Wrote you a letter, you read it- then threw it away.
Ask me tomorrow just what was I thinkin’ that day?
Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t
Cross my heart, but I know you won’t
Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t.
Love ain’t no fun, when it’s just a joke.
Verse Three
I’ll end up turnin’ this car back around in a while.
My hard drive’s broke but I learned how to back up the files.
I’ll beg and I’ll plead- the exception to every rule.
She’ll take me back, ‘till she won’t- I’m a natural fool.


Kokobola has some new band takes, recorded live w/ no overdubs. Damned If I Do, New Shoes, and I'll Meet You There. Check out our newest upload, the instrumental called Cross Eyed. Groovaciousness at its best!

Set List

Here's a 3 Set List of All Original Tunes, both vocal and instrumental:
Set One
1. Vocal G- Horseshoe Lover
2. Vocal E- Delta Island Dew
3. Instr. A- Jump Right In
4. Vocal B- Shine
5. Instr. A- Beau’s Boogie
6. Vocal D- You Don’t See Me
7. Instr. E- Cross Eyed

Set Two
1. Vocal E- Home Fried
2. Instr E- So L. A.
3. Vocal C- New Tatoo
4. Instr G- Jesse’s Jam
5. Vocal A- New Shoes
6. Instr E- Fishman
7. Vocal B- Damned If I Do

Set Three
1. Vocal E- Two Wrongs
2. Instr D- Brookside
3. Vocal D- I’ll Meet You There
4. Vocal E- Thousand Ways
5. Instr G- Rutabaga Roundup
6. Vocal C- Sorry