Kokobone is a three-piece guitar-driven melodic band that performs energetic intense alternative rock. The band has been crafting and refining their mature yet basic song style playing in the Columbus, Ohio music scene since 2002.


Before the inception of Kokobone, each respective member found music in their own way, at their own time. As cliché as it might sound, the band members enjoy the energy and dynamic feeling they generate while playing together.

Drummer Mark Ward grew up in Columbus, watching his father play recreationally in a classic rock band in the 1960s. This family tie to music ignited a passion for music at the young age of six years old. Mark quickly worked his way through three starter drum kits before he turned
9 years old and was given his first real drum kit.

Brad Swackhammer from Sunbury Ohio, got his first bass at 18 years of age. The second day that he had his bass, he started jamming with Mark. Their friendship spans almost 15 years. As Brad grew as a bass player with force, he and Mark collaborated in numerous bands, including Electric Overcoat, Turn Bull, and the Unemployed Porn Stars. Separately, Mark played with the Welfare Gypsies, Ray Fuller, and traveled the country playing with Terry Davidson and the Gears.

Ryan Babinsky grew up in Toronto, Ontario, at age 13 he decided the teach himself to play in the solitude of his teenage bedroom. Enveloped by the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles, he developed his own style playing in the bands The Watchmen and Gypsy Soul before moving to Columbus. Once in Columbus, he played with local rockers Copasetic (now Gravy), and eventually played all instruments on his own CD in the Sedatives project. After playing with various musicians he formed and settled down in Kokobone.


She wants something

Written By: Kokobone

She wants something and she’s never gonna let it go
He wants something and he’s never gonna let it show

Talking about something dirty
Living in this world makes me worried
Looking for someone who won’t control me
Take another trip making a jump

The whole world is looking for someone strong
Who’s gonna answer the call?
Living when you realize it’ll be gone
It never seems to long
But I told you my stories
Even my worries in hoping you’d know me
But there’s another before me
And someone who showed me
Something different than your scene

Get outta line

10 Years

Written By: Kokobone

She dressed like the devil
And I could see her disease
Her river was shallow
And birds with no trees
And after it’s over
She’s coming me
Coming for money
And all that disease

Were coming together, just like before
Were coming together, just like before

Now take off your work clothes
And tell me your piece
We’ll sit by the fire
And laugh at the people
Feels like we have no friends
But I know we’ll make more
This live is a movie
And I have scene it before


Written By: Kokobone

All those people follow me
Told me stories and their secrets
Sorry that you couldn’t see
Looking like they’re half a sleep

Sitting in another bar
Looking for my lover
Looking for my lover
I saw you standing in a crowd
Looking like you lost
Looking like you lost


Debut CD "Standing in circles" was released on May 27th 2005.

Set List

typically an hour and a half. Mainly originals, occasional covers.