Kokomo Joe- Americana Soul

Kokomo Joe- Americana Soul

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Breath taking and deep;music to be listened too not just played


Blues / Americana Soul / R & B

Kokomo Joe can be described in one word "UNIQUE".
His lyrics and style are original and compare to no other.His vocals carry the soulful sound of authentic Americana Soul music.
Kokomo Joe had been playing the New York circuit for a few years before deciding to make the move to Nashville, Tennessee to further his musical career.

Upon arriving in Nashville,he came in contact with one of Nashville's top recording engineers and the cd "Red Snow" was born, which features the Kokomo Joe signature song "Washed Away".
Currently Kokomo Joe's most requested song is "Cruel Truth".

"Americana Soul-Kokomo Joe" has recently been recorded in the DL Studio located in Fairview, Tennessee by David Langley. The music was finished
and mastered in Edison,New Jersey at the Sound Spa Studio under the
expertise of Steve DeAcutis as engineer of the project.
The release date was January 22, 2010.

Currently Kokomo Joe is receiving great response at venues played in the Nashville area. When Kokomo Joe sings, people stop talking and listen.

Kokomo Joe is active in animal rights and issues dealing with peace and justice,which reflects in some of his music.

Contact: Kathy Price
Red Snow Management

PO Box 22627
Nashville, Tennessee 37202
615-420-6008 / 615-448-7292


Red Snow - (2005)
Skin Bone Blues (2006)

Kokomo Joe - Americana Soul

Set List

List set 6-10 songs
Sets 30-0ne hour
No covers