Intelligent adult rock. Piano & violin-driven. Players playing musical music.


...musicians are doing it for themselves...

Los Angeles-based.

Experienced and diverse players hailing from Boston, Chicago, Osaka, the Israeli desert, and Transylvania.

Melodic rock mixed with... jazz, funk, classical... Same ballpark as Sting, Dave Matthews, Paganini, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, David Grey, Tori Amos...

Sometimes refined as Norah Jones...
Sometimes driving & rocky as Coldplay...
Sometimes fun & poppy as Sugar Ray...
Sometimes live & jammy as Tortoise...
Mostly just ourselves...

Modern adult alternative rock.

Young, pro players. Individual credits range from performing onstage with 7 Grammy-winning acts to scoring American and Japanese TV to world tours opening for The Police to Romanian Symphony Orchestra touring featured soloist gigs to god knows what else. Ex-members of major label groups.

Individually or together, we've composed for the likes of MTV Productions, Spike Lee, Saban, numerous pilots, and placed songs on indie features.

Now, we gather to play what we want to play.

Love it.



Gigging regularly, LA area, from the Hollywood House of Blues down to tha rattiest Long Beach dives...

Many more songs available - radio pop, ecclectic alternative rock, funkier, hard rockier...

FOR MORE MP3s: Check out our pages at soundclick.com and broadjam.com.


Contact us. We have quite a library.

Professionals who are in it for the long haul!

Willing to travel.

Doing it 'cause we love it, dead serious 'cause we believe in it.

We'll work with ya!



Forever For Now

Written By: Scott Baldyga

I spent the night inside your eyes.
You got no bad side,
Every angle loves your light

I don’t know what I need but I want what I see when it’s you
I’ve got hours of time, you can have one of mine or… maybe two

Isn’t it nice, isn’t it sweet
The way you fit into me
So glad I came, happy you called
And thought of me at all
Isn’t it nice, isn’t it swell
You fit into me so well
This is my time & this is my place, where it’s
Always & never & this is forever for now.

Oh, some horrible things I see in you.
I’m half terrified,
By the things I used to do (when they were me & I was you)

But you can’t let me down ‘cause just hanging around’s been enough
No, how could I blame you for letting me stay here so long?



I spent the night inside your eyes.
I couldn’t lie.
You live in my hiding place (& make no mistake)

I got more than expected just waking up next to you once
Any more would be great but I’m happy to be here at all

I spent the night inside your eyes.
I spend my nights inside.

Every One of Me

Written By: Scott Baldyga

When I’m a good boy, your reward’s so sweet
Just one kiss will martyr me
And when I’m a bad boy, it’s always nice to see how bad you’ll be.
… I wanna be, wanna be

You please every one of me
We light the candles on TV
Who’da thought monogamy pleases every one of me?

When I do good things, you’re all publicity
Strangers sing in praise of me
If I do great things, you remind me how wrong I can be.
… “You’re wrong normally”

You please every one of me
We light the candles on TV
Who’da thought monogamy pleases everyone?

Come inside now, it’s always safe & warm
Just one kiss will martyr me


Evil Forces

Written By: Scott Baldyga

I always make good company, not so far from great
& others I’m forgotten & like it best that way
well take me for a stoner
stash that box away
roll me up & smoke me down, I’m sure to get you baked

And the one thing I’m sure of
The one thing I know
There’s no easy answer

We’ve got this whole wide world figured out
Still something’s lost along the way
Something lurks beyond the shadow of a doubt, must be
Evil forces at play

Well it’s
Tired & it’s hungry & lonely & it’s surely getting closer
Well take me for a lawyer
File that case away
Call me up I’ll shake you down, ‘cause no one leaves till pays


Current 10-song CD: Forever For Now

For more mp3s:



Out of Many, One Band

What happens when a group of talented musicians who have played with a diverse range of artists – from Jerry Lee Lewis to Ziggy Marley to Stan Ridgway to Pat Benatar to Third World to the frigging Romanian Symphony Orchestra - join together to take their careers into their own hands?

Well, stick a Native American name on it and you get KOKOPELLI.

KOKOPELLI fits into the current pop trend of a return to “musical music” where people actually play their instruments. KOKOPELLI is Dave Matthews mixed with Norah Jones, mixed with Paganini, mixed with Coldplay, mixed with…

KOKOPELLI, by the way, is the oldest known figure in Native North American culture, dating back to the cave drawings in Mesa Verde. KOKOPELLI, the hunchbacked flute player with wild hair, would travel from town to town with a bag of songs on his back, coming to young women in the night who would pray to him to fertilize them, impregnate them. Not a bad gig, thought these musicians. Something to aspire to. Hence the name.

For musicians, it’s not easy to be challenged playing pop music. This group of friends banded together when they found they had something in common – all were complaining about the bands & artists they were playing with… the lack of creativity, lack of fulfillment… so they decided to take control.

Singer/songwriter Scott says – “My first gig living in Jamaica for four years was playing keyboards for seven Grammy-winning acts in one concert. That was a rush. But the fun and excitement of playing on a stage like that wears off, and then it comes down to enjoyment – why you do it in the first place. I get such joy out of this band. On any given night I’d rather rehearse with KOKOPELLI than play a gig with some other group in front of twenty thousand people… Um, that doesn’t mean I’d turn those gigs down for pay, though… on, uh, other nights… why you gotta gig for me?”

Bass player Taki talks about hired gigs in LA - “They ask me to play eighth notes pretty much the whole time. It’s the simplest and most boring thing. So I start throwing in some things, playing a little more, and then the singer doesn’t like it. But then the producer says, oh, that’s cool so, of course, all of a sudden the singer thinks it’s cool. Oh well. It’s just a job.”

And that’s exactly what KOKOPELLI is not – just a job. For these world-class players, KOKOPELLI is the anti-job. That’s why they love it, why they stick with it.

KOKOPELLI is a forum where each member freely throws out ideas. The result is a fascinating mix of music that incorporates the various influences and stylings of its players, while still remaining familiar enough to be adult pop music… Four members, three countries of citizenship. Each member retains their individuality - and thus their joy – but together, they make up the one identifiable sound that is KOKOPELLI.

Set List

Much material
LA club set is 40 minutes:

Sunday Morning
Cries For Help
Every One of Me
Is It Any Wonder?
Like Home
Forever For Now
Evil Forces
Nero's Burning Fiddle