Kole's music is a progressive blend of musical elements borrowed from many different styles. Steve Vai and Eric Clapton like leads mixed with Jeff Buckley and Anthony Kiedas style vocals dominate Kole's sound, but his composition methods are more similar to composers like Beethoven and Stravinsky.


At age 12, Kole received a beat-up, dull red, 1970’s generic electric guitar from his father and decided he wanted to learn how to play it. Originally inspired by bands like Metallica and Led Zeppelin, Kole started to form a foundation of rock and blues based music that eventually would dominate his playing and composition style. During this time, Kole only thought of guitar and music in general as a hobby; although he always sat down for at least an hour every night and let his fingers wonder the fret-board. Four years ago though, his life changed when he met virtuoso guitarist and instructor, Tom Hess. Since then, Kole has taken very large strides in improving himself musically and forwarding his career in the music industry.

Now at age 21, he has released his debut album "Exile", has taught workshops in the Midwest including one at the Oakbrook Academy of Music and Art, has Co-Authored many different instructional products, has finished two full years of classical composition and guitar at the revered Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, and is currently attending Musicians Institute.


I just released my debut album "Exile", "Restless Nights" (from "Exile") is featured on the internationally released compilation CD "Chronicles: City of Sound", and I've contributed 3 tracks to the Jam Tracks CD "Improve your Improv."

"She's No Good" (Bonus Track from Exile) has had air play in Indiana.

Set List

I usually do solo acts so my set is Acoustic based. The Songlist may loosely follow this guideline...

Classical or Flamenco Piece ("Denial" or cover)
Vocal Acoustic Piece ("Tides" or Cover)
Vocal Acoustic Piece ("Wrong" or a New Song)
Instrumental Improv (Work with Melodies from crowd)
End with Technical Piece with big dynamics.