Kolored People

Kolored People


Kolored People is an eclectic blend of styles, with influences ranging from Outkast to the Mars Volta; in short, we play reggaedelic blues-funk...rock. We are passionate about our music, but we aren't afraid to be lighthearted, and we've proven to have an appeal that transcends social boundaries.


Kolored People is four friends who have distinctly individual personalities, but through appreciating the diversity therein, explore the boundaries of music and culture that we see placed in front of us.

We have seen many musical things happen on a stage, from a 'run-of-the-mill' rock band to a contemporary avant-garde piece played entirely on two logs (we're looking at you, Stuart Saunders Smith). We like to think we fall in the middle somewhere, stretching the rock sound inherent in our instrumentation by infusing it with all the genres we love. That means you should expect some reggae, hip-hop, electronica, jazz and folk sounds to jump out at some point. We have also never been able to play everything we have the same way every time we play it. This might mean a reggae section instead of a jazz section, or an entire song might be transposed genres depending on how we're feeling, as well as what type of show and crowd we're playing.

We form a band because we were told to form a band after a local musician heard us jamming while walking down the street. After some guidance from him, we realized we loved writing our own music, and since then we've been doing this in every direction we know how.


The Greatest Hits EP
Spectrum (in progress)