Will give top quality show wether it be one person in the crowd to a million. Always fully prepared, will give the crowd the show and fantasy sought after while watching a performance.


Kolten Perine (December 16, 1992-) American R&B singer, and musician hailing from Hattiesburg, MS.

Kolten's musical talents were evident at a young age. He received his very first drum set as a gift from his parents on his 4th birthday. Kolten's gifts were further cultivated when he began winning in local talent shows. He moved to Dallas, TX in 2000 where he attended T.A. Howard Middle and displayed a different talent, his athleticism; Leading and excelling on the school's baseball and basketball teams. He loves sports and his favorite athletes are Amar'e Stoudemire, Kobe Bryant and Hines Ward. His charm, natural ability and charisma would later land him a leading role in the school play Annie.

He has a legacy of great musicians and singers on both his mother and father's side. The keyboard, piano, drums, bass, lead and acoustic guitar are amongst the many instruments Kolten has picked up. His musical repertoire also extends to lead and background vocals, music arrangement, songwriting, producing, and creative dance.

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Dream Angel
Stick With You