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Our music is raw.lyrical and original.. A breath of fresh air with four different styles that keep you guessing. So you never know what to expect because we don't know what to expect...


Welcome to Koma City.....A progressive Hip-Hop group that has 4 members and a huge following in their home town of Tacoma, Wa....
" I think we're right on the edge of a mainstream sound and a underground movement" said Koma City hype-man Marcus Prime... Influenced by some hip-hop greats BigdaddyKane,Jayz,IceT,Tupac,Mobb deep, and Dr Dre...
We beleive hip-hop is a Team sport the more people pull for or go against us brings us closer together and makes us play harder... That means better music for the fans and more sccess for Koma City....Welcome


Paper Chase the mixtape/alblum released 2007
Executive Decisions mixtape/alblum early 2008
The Butcher Shop mxtape/alblum early 2008
The Koma City full length alblum coming soon!

Set List

Can't see me-Making moves-Unleashed
-Funny Fake Niggas- Grind part 2- If these niggas don't know- Its a wrap- Tha shout out- Sweetest Addiction- Understand beef- My aggression- Baby girl