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The Komandoz are a Dayton-based hip-hop "collective" that's been around for almost a decade. Local underground hip hop heads already know about these guys. They've performed at almost every nightclub that offers live music, especially Club Safari. They've even opened for such nationally known artists such as Mos Def, Biz Markie, Ozomatli and Grand Master Flash.
The core members of the group (not counting the "expanded" roster) are Rico Strong, Silent Assassin, Bah Daddy Shabazz, The Black Rose, Karate Ron and DJ $pare Change. Their sound is a mixture of hip-hop, jazz, funk, and anything else they can flip. Try to imagine the sound of A Tribe Called Quest circa 1991-1993, but with a little more "boom bap" added to it. In their words, their music is what some refer to as "organic" and "spiritual." I spoke with Bah Daddy, one of the founding MC's of the group, about the Komandoz album Premeditated Victory, which is the newly available in stores, and their mix tape, For Promotional Use Only.

DCP: Listening to your CD, it sounds like you're trying to stay underground while broadening your audience. Am I correct in this assumption?

Bah Daddy: Right on the button. We're true to the art form, but evolution must happen. We are all familiar with the ghetto, but we should all want more. We're trying to make the music innovative and entertaining.

DCP: Now, l like the in-stores album , Premeditated Victory, but I'm really feeling your mix tape. How can the public get to hear it? Will it be available in stores?

Bah Daddy: We only push that at our shows. We do that so they can get familiar with our sound. That's for the streets.

DCP: I thought this album was really well done. I thought there were some standout cuts on it. But I'm curious to know what are your favorites on the album?

B.D.: I like "Poetic Form" for the rugged flavor that the song has, "Face Da Music" has potential to help get us to the contemporary audience. "Conga Scratch" taps into your spirit. We've got R&B, jazz joints, all types of stuff. The CD takes you on a journey. It's like life.

DCP:What about possibly releasing the mix tape in stores? Could that happen?

B.D.: Well, we got a lot of other peoples' music on it. We don't know how to get the clearance for it. But, a lot of people like it. We've been told it's a classic already.

DCP: What's next for the Komandoz? Any new Music?

B.D.: We are constantly looking for the next era. I get bored hearing my own voice (laughing). We're going to record our follow-up album, Vinyl Frontier, in the beginning of 2005. We've got all kinds of producers working on it: Bear from ICB, Wyld from H.O.C., and even Mo Beats. Also can't forget about Organic Groove Continuum.

DCP: Where and how can people get the Premeditated Victory CD?

B.D.: It'll be in mom-and-pop stores. CD Baby.com and at the I-tunes store. We'll sell them at the shows.

The Komandoz will perform at Little Brothers Night Club, 1100 N. High St, in Columbus, on Wednesday, Dec. 29. For more information, call (614) 421-2025. The Komandoz will then hit the Convention Center, 22 E. 5th St., for the Kwanza Celebration on Friday, Dec. 30. For more information, call (937) 333-4700.

Reach DCP music writer Greg Simms, Jr. at contactus@daytoncitypaper.com



First CD-"Spoken Into Existence"
(Mighty Insight Records) (ASCAP)

Second CD- "For Promotional Use Only"-mix tapes/CD (Mighty Insight Records) (ASCAP)

Third CD-Premeditated Victory
soon to be released-"Vinyl Frontier"

Guest Appearances include:

Blueprint (of Rhymesayers) "The Weight Room" CD
(Weightless Recordings)

Weightless Recordings Presents "B-sides Volume One: Blatant Battle Raps" CD

Oasis Urban Sampler vol. V CD
Number 2



Established in 1991, as a collective of world and urban rhythm makers, KOMANDOZ O.G.C. combines organic beats with schematic rhyme flow. Our music is raw, thought-provoking, and brings together all generations and races. Our travels led us to open for many talented acts including Mos Def, Biz markie, Latin Hip Hop Phenomenon Ozomatli, and Grand Master Flash and we also participated in the 2005 Scribble Jam in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our performance history includes the majority of local clubs and universities in the tri-state area, Club Safari holds special memories for us. We support our city in events like the Fly City Music Festival and the Black Cultural Festival. Dayton is our home and we plan to keep it on the map for universal music. Our music influences consist of Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz, and Funk House music and spoken word. We believe in self-production and promotion to establish our sound in the world. Family-oriented and expanded (always) we speak for freedom of the mind and living peacefully with all beings.