As unlikely as it may seem, Kometa effortlessly combines the heaviness of Black Sabbath or Melvins, some BeachBoysian melodies, the tasty rifforama of the likes of QOTSA or Helmet, and a PunkJazz / NomeansNo attitude! Yet this ambitious monster is not "difficult" music by any means.


A three-piece band from Helsinki, Finland, Kometa has been around with the current line up for almost ten years. So far they have played around Estonia and Russia. In 2007 they made their second week-long tour in Germany, and of course almost 200 gigs around Finland (e.g. Provinssirock and Ilosaarirock, some of the biggest festivals in Finland), making new hardcore fans everywhere they go. Energetic and razor sharp, Kometa is ’universally’ acknowleged as an amazing live band.

Drawing from a vast array of influences, the music itself has inspired such far-fetched comparisons as ’Black Sabbath meets The Beatles’, but the band members refuse to be categorized. Instead they let the live shows and records do the talking.

”Gravy” was the title of their debut five-song CD-EP, released in January 2003 .

March 2005 came out their full-length debut album “Like a Light Bulb” featuring 12 songs. Album was released by legendary indie label Bad Vugum. The CD has duly won rave reviws in the Finnish music press.

And finally February 2008 it´s time for another outstanding Kometa-album. “A Strange Revelation” is released by MEGAMANIA /JOHANNA KUSTANNUS , which is one of the biggest and oldest indie labels in Finland.



Written By: Olavi Vänttinen

My time is quality time, you got it?
please do the best that you can - you have to.
To hell with the whining I said, I shouted.
A whisper equals a shout in terms of meaning.

An in the end
all tacks are spent
not much to do
I'm stuck on you

Lie down, the pillow is full of feathers
wait up, this could be even better
(then let it all go to waste)

Roll up your shirt
pull down your skirt
show all your skin
show gills and fins.

Jet Pack

Written By: Olavi Vänttinen

I'm gonna tell you all the facts that you need to know
Choose the direction I will tell you which way to go
Trust me trust me trust me I tell you the truth

So nobody told you that your life doesn't end with death?
I beg your pardon for the stink of my holy breath
Trust me trust me trust me I tell you the truth

Shh shh shut up
Evil silence you make me mad

Can you believe that there's a soul in your abdomen
A Jet Pack is given in the end so you can fly to heaven
I might be totally wrong
I might be totally wrong

Jet Pack!


Gravy EP (Sue) 2003
Like a Light Bulb (BV2 Produktions) 2005
A Strange Revelation (Megamania) 2008

Set List

Ususally we got no set list we play what we feel like