komodo have been classed as an edgy indie rock band. The plan of the band is to make melodic songs that tell a story. The original demo has carved out perfect harmonies and infectuous melodies all mixed together in songs that you cant stop listening to to.


Komodo are Jason Carroll-Bass Donna McCarthy-Vocals Kevin O'Mahony-Rythm Guitar Kurt Gaul-Lead Guitar and Brian McSweeney-Drums. Each member of Komodo has a very different background in music. It's because of this difference in backgrounds that each song that's composed has different and likeable flavours to it. It's difficult to narrow down the sound of Komodo but it has been attempted to be called "Edgy..Indie Rock". Komodo have just recorded their first demo in Data Studios. The demo has gotten great feedack and it's because of this reaction that their following is growing. The demo consists of perfect harmonies and intelligent lyrics all fused with songs that you can't stop listening to. Komodo have gone through alot of changes the past year and have gone through names such as Flipside and more recently Borderline. But Komodo is here to stay.


December 05 was the first time that komodo went into the studio. They recorded 5 songs that remained true to edgy indie rock sound but still had there own seperate stories to tell.
Song1. Too Late
Song2. Shoot to kill
Song3. Crumble and fall
Song4. Six men
Song5. 18 Reasons

Each song on this demo can be downloaded and listened to online via :www.myspace.com/komodoband

Set List

2.Single word
3.High is Low
4.Too Late
5.Shoot to kill
6.Message in a bottle (cover)
7.18 Reasons
8.Six men
9.Crumble and fall
11.Be mine

Usuallly our sets last for an hour