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Surrey, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF | AFM

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Hard Rock





October 6th, 2014
REVIEW (by Scotty D – Rockbandom)
A very unique rock band indeed, with a mix of rock/punk/indie and a bit more there’s something for all tastes. Vocally great, Lyrically superb and the music is based on rock but you can here so many other styles, they really are a pleasure to listen to. - Rockbandom


July 4th, 2014

Taken from Rokline Magazine: www.rokline.com
Actual link to review: http://www.rokline.com/artist-spotlight-en-masse-vol-1
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Komodo Wagon
For the headbanging, devilhorn waving, mosh-prone crowd who just wanna rock, there’s Vancouver foursome Komodo Wagon who have been around since 2008. Last year’s Citizen Doe EP delivers some solid gut-punching rock n’ roll that isn’t the cliche’ riddled metal music of yesteryear, but rather a premium blend of heavy riffage and punk rock attitude gleaned from influences such as Monster Magnet, Black Label Society, The Misfits and The Replacements. These lads aren’t about to stifle their rebel yell amidst the crush of indie hipsters, alternative folkies, and synth-pop soundscapists, because this is about preserving the most visceral of musical forms for those who just want to rock, and Komodo Wagon’s millennial brand of hard rock does the genre justice. So what are you waiting for ? Get Your Rock On ! - Rokline Magazine

"Rollin' with Troy Perlic from KOMODO WAGON"

INTERVIEW TITLE: Rollin' with Troy Perlic from KOMODO WAGON
Interview By: Lance Skullz from CIVL Unrest 101.7 FM www.civl.ca – for Punk Globe Magazine :
KERRANG Magazine has called Komodo Wagon’s Troy Perlic “one of the most charismatic frontmen around”. HARDROCK HAVEN says this band has “vocals reminiscent of the best of Iggy Pop, Josh Todd, and Ian Astbury... This is a band that deserves to be heard and has huge cross-over potential.” They’ve played all over North America and Europe with bands like Drowning Pool, Clutch, The Sex Pistols, The Answer, and Tool. Lance Skullz from CIVL Unrest Radio caught up with vocalist Troy Perlic to find out where this band comes from and where they’re headed...
Punk Globe: Well I guess I should ask the first question. Who are you, and why should I care?
TROY PERLIC: Who are we? Well, I'm Troy from Komodo Wagon. Komodo Wagon is a hard rock band, a punk'n'roll band, whatever you wanna call us. We're a high energy, heavy riffs, catchy chorus type of band that puts on as I say a high energy show. We're out of Vancouver, the band was originally out of Europe, but it's an all-Canadian lineup now out of Vancouver. Why should you care? You should care if you like to have a good time when you go to gigs. There's not enough of that goin' around at the moment.
Punk Globe: It's true, it's true. I'll agree with you on that, and you do put on a good show. So you say you got started in Europe, was it you originally from Europe, or...?
TROY PERLIC: Yeah, well, I mean, I'm Canadian but I did spend about thirteen or fourteen years over there. The last few I spent in Portugal and I started this band, after I had been in London with my previous band for years and years. We did a bunch of recording, et cetera... The band was pretty cool, but the economy crashed as everybody knows, really badly, and I had to get the hell out of there. Thought I'd come back to Canada. Had a little hiatus, and one of my age old friends Shane Love, our bass player, said: “What the hell are you doing? Let's put this band together, you've got some smokin' tunes and we want to play it, that's what we wanna do”.. So we started up fifteen, sixteen months ago here and we're gettin' it rolling here in Canada.
Punk Globe: Very cool, very cool. So, like you said, you've been doing this for a while. Just out of curiosity, what was your band in England? TROY PERLIC: Ah, that started in Vancouver, and we took it to England. It was called Five Hundred and Crave and that is many, many moons ago. I think that we were active from '94 to about 2000-and...three? Something like that?

Punk Globe: Wow. That's crazy. Alright, so like you said you've been in Europe and you came back... You've probably had a lot of members in that time and because of that a lot of influence. What would you say are the influences behind the band then, and now, and are they different?
TROY PERLIC: You know what? The influences haven't really changed, mostly I guess because I've been the principle songwriter and kinda started the project. For a lot of our recorded material, I did work with one of the ex- members very closely. It was Johnny, he was a guitar player, so maybe that's where some of the more heavy punk influences come from... because I like a lot of it but I didn't really grow up that way. We've got some really fast tunes on our records and stuff, and that probably came from him, but otherwise, it's kind of par for the course. We wanna write hard rock tunes without being a gimmick band, without being a throwback to the L.A. 80's, but just an honest high-energy rock band with some attitude in the live show. That goes to a lot of older bands that I guess we grew up on, like Guns 'n Roses, definitely their early stuff, early Metallica-- Kill 'Em All, the thrash scene, bands like the Ramones always, Motorhead of course. You know, Motorhead I think from my point of view has a hell of a lot of punk in themselves, for that matter, so did Appetite for Destruction. Then from being over in Europe there's some other influences, that people maybe don't know about so much over here, bands like The Helicopters and The Backyard Babies, some amazing hard rock bands that were doing it the whole time through the late 90s and early 2000s when a lot of people thought the genre was just totally dead. So, what else... Monster Magnet, Jane's Addiction, The Cure, pretty wide influences. I've been through a lot of the musical genres, as far as a listener goes I'm pretty open, but I keep it pretty much to guitar music... so I've been through 'em all and I like some bands out of all genres. But that's the mainstay, the heavy riffs, catchy tunes, or smokin' fast and catchy tunes.
Punk Globe: You were saying Motorhead. Motorhead, by far is one of my favorites of all time. And listening to you guys I can hear a lot of the influence, and I guess just a lot of that pre-New Wave of British Heavy Metal stuff like Saxon and all that kind of stuff. Now, you were saying you were in Europe so there's a lot of that influence coming in and coming through.
TROY PERLIC: That's pretty cool, actually. Most people don't come up with Motorhead just cause my voice sounds nothing like Lemmy's, but yeah, musically there's definitely some similarities in how they wrote their songs and the energy they have.
Punk Globe: I think you're all trying to get that high energy of the rock show, I mean, he just took the Chuck Berry riffs and put 'em on their ass and made them that much bigger and that much stronger, it's like what you're saying for you guys with your big riffs and all that stuff. Big riffs, that's what your motto is.
TROY PERLIC: It is, it is. And Motorhead and bands like I mentioned, The Helicopters maybe are talking the exact same thing we are, except basing it really off that Chuck Berry kind of 50's blues, and where we're maybe basing it off that plus maybe some 70s and 80s influences.

Punk Globe: Yeah, like you were saying Monster Magnet, so you've got that psychedelic kind of metal aspect as well.
TROY PERLIC: Yeah, even Motley Crue. If there's a wicked band that isn't totally cheeseball lyrics and it's got heavy riffs, we probably like it. If it makes you want to throw your hands up and wanna bang your head, that's naturally what it's been all about since I was a teenager, and it still is.
Punk Globe: You hear something and if it makes you wanna start kicking stuff, that's a good song.
TROY PERLIC: Yeah, exactly!
Punk Globe: Alright, so the question is this. You have your slogans of “big riffs”, as well as “punk and roll”, what does it all mean?
TROY PERLIC: Well, punk and roll isn't something we came up with, we didn't invent the term or anything, but we like it. Yeah, it causes a little bit of confusion, cause people are like “you're not a punk band!”-- and we're not saying we are a punk band at all, but why we like to use it is because we think that for a rock and roll band, there's as much punk energy and idealism behind it in our rock and roll band as some of those early punk bands. And like I was mentioning before, I think there's just as much punk in Appetite for Destruction and Kill 'Em All, as there is in any modern-day punk album almost. It's that idea of the punk, it's that energy and that attitude that this is what we do, and we hope you like it, but if you don't it really doesn't bother us. We're gonna get up on stage and we're gonna have a riot. You can come on-board or not. It's not the punk like “Oh, we're gonna kick everybody's ass”.. it's the energy and it's the attitude.
Punk Globe: It's the DIY aspect. It's going out and throwing everything you have into it whether people like it or not.
TROY PERLIC: Exactly. So yeah, I hope that clarifies.
Punk Globe: Clarifies it for me. So, you've got some touring coming up. When you say “bring the boys together”, I think you need to explain to everybody just how difficult it is for all you guys to come together.
TROY PERLIC: Heh, yeah yeah yeah. You know, it is getting better, but I'll start with answering the question. Definitely not a normal band in the sense that we don't all live in the same city. And the only reason we can pull that off is that we have been friends for... ever. I mean, our bass player Shane and I have known each other since we were three years old. He's the one who kinda kickstarted this and said “I'm coming to the coast to do some stuff, let's play some Komodo shows and get it going”, and we did. So everyone kinda had to go home and talk amongst themselves and say “can I do this?” Cause we live a thousand kilometres apart, we've been doing that for a year, so that's kind of why whenever we play, we try to have a minimum of three shows in an area. It gives us a chance to maybe get a rehearsal in before, which is always nice but we don't get that many, but the boys are all pros so they know what they're doing. But hopefully we do that and we then play three to five six shows or on tour or whatever it is. Luckily, Shane is moving out here in about a month's time, so that is gonna be something else because we'll actually be able to get some more rehearsing in, and it'll make the writing process obviously easier than sending stuff back and forth on computers. But yeah, it's been an interesting ride, and it's just a different way of doing a band. I've done bands for a lot of years, and the funny thing is, as crazy as it sounds, if you take the money equation out of it for traveling, it's probably the easiest

band situation I've ever been in. Simply because the nature of our business, you get two or three rehearsals done every week, and what generally happens is that you get a few songs in and you get a lot of beer drinking done.
Punk Globe: Guilty!
TROY PERLIC: So the way we've been running things kind of eliminates that, and whenever we get together, we know that everyone had to do their homework and is rip-rarin' ready to go, right? So it's been very interesting. Punk Globe: True, but do you find that because you guys are all from different locations and you have to come together, that that first show is... maybe not difficult, but it's maybe not a cohesive unit right away, or do you notice that?
TROY PERLIC: To be honest, not really, just because over the past fifteen months we've done so many shows that if we haven't had a chance to be together for a few months... like over the winter we had a little break, then we won't be introducing anything new to the show, so everybody knows the songs and we can get a bit of a rehearsal in, and we maybe change bits and pieces in the order but there's no major work to be done. So the guys all know the songs and we've played them live and rehearsed enough times, that it hasn't been-- if anything it's almost been a bit of a bonus because we're not in the same room together two or three times a week, so that first time you hit the stage you kinda have that energy of the first gig of a band every time. When we get together, that first one usually goes off with a bang.
Punk Globe: True. You get that energy of being all together. Yeah, I can see that actually. That makes a lot of sense.
TROY PERLIC: And it's weird.
Punk Globe: Yeah, but at the same time I can see what you're saying. Alright, so I have one last question for you. Like you said, you've been doing this for a long time. Try to find one tour story that you want to tell the people.
TROY PERLIC: Oh boy. This one goes back to a manager I had, and where were we... We were in Europe doing an Ozzfest date. And that was pretty exciting, this was probably 2003, somewhere around there. Slayer was on the bill, and Tool was on the bill, and all these bands, and at that time it was the biggest stage I'd been on for sure. We were pretty excited to get one of the three or four opening slots. Anyone who's been in a band knows what the routine is, you get there sometime very early, and you pretty much hurry up and then wait for the rest of the day until someone says “Alright you're up, you gotta sound check” or load your gear or whatever it is. So we're there, and it's pissin' rain all day, and it didn't really bother us too much cause there was beer and all, and then we got the call to go and put our gear up, and we did. Tool at that time, I don't know if you remember or saw it, but Maynard was singing behind a screen for the whole show. So it was like a silhouette you saw of him, it was an illuminated screen and you'd see the silhouette with whatever colour they were putting up on the screen that moment, and you didn't see him the whole show, it was gigantic. So the thing was, we're there loading up our gear, checking our guitars, and all of a sudden I hear this “WHAT IN THE [expletive] DAMN ARE YOU DOING?!” just bellowed, right? It stops everybody in their tracks for like 200 metres all around. I look up, and there's our manager, she's standing in the middle of the stage, but what she doesn't realize is that she's standing on the

middle of the projector screen that's just a light film that they laid out across the stage. So yeah, everyone had a pretty good howl at that, after the really big guy calmed down. That was a good one. And I will say that Tool did give us the beer from their rider after the show, so that was nice of them.
Punk Globe: To be that big of a rock star, that you can just give the other bands your stuff.
TROY PERLIC: Oh I know, hey?
Punk Globe: One day, hopefully for the both of us right?
TROY PERLIC: Yup. Exactly. You hope you can return the favor one day. Punk Globe: Exactly. We can all be jukebox heroes. Alright, well that was awesome! Thank you very much!
TROY PERLIC: Thank you! To listen to or buy Komodo Wagon go to: www.komodowagon.bandcamp.com    www.itunes.com/komodowagon For contact and inquiries: komodowagon@gmail.com - August 2014 Edition

"Pre Release - Album Review"

Unreleased Album Review by HARD ROCK HAVEN www.hardrockhaven.net
Review Title: Komodo Wagon Old Beauty and the Broken Cross
Review By: Ken Mac Vicar – Staff Writer
Album Rating: 9/10

Komodo Dragon def: The Komodo Dragon is the word’s largest living lizard and is the only lizard species to hunt and kill prey larger than itself and larger than it can swallow whole.
Komodo Wagon def: A melodic hard rock band that given the right direction and opportunity could be the world’s largest living rock band, hunting and swallowing the world’s most established bands whole.
Komodo Wagon’s debut album is a rocking journey through such diverse musical genres as punk, melodic metal and progressive rock, with a splash of new wave and hard core metal thrown in for good measure. It’s tough to imagine that any one band could pull off all these styles on one record, however one listen to Old Beauty and the Broken Cross and it’s obvious that Komodo Dragon manages to find the right balance every step of the way, whether it’s the punk energy of “Black Lung” or the hypnotic melody of “Will You”.
Though there are no weak spots on the entire album, the quartet is at their very best when they focus on their metal influences which are melodic in nature. The band’s self proclaimed list of influences range from the Rolling Stones to Monster Magnet to just about everyone in between and all are represented in some fashion on Old Beauty & The Broken Cross.
All too often such a myriad of influences leaves a band with no clear direction and can result in a somewhat muddled or confused sound. Komodo Wagon is able to sidestep this potential hazard quite nimbly for two reasons. Quite simply, the band understands how to write a memorable song, with arrangements and time changes that make the listener eagerly await the next change in style, like a driver anticipating the next turn on a winding road. The ability to accomplish this is due to the superb musicianship and crisp production which are trademarks of the entire album.
The band is led by front man, songwriter and producer Troy Perlic, whose soulful baritone vocals are reminiscent of the best of Iggy Pop, Josh Todd and Ian Astbury. The introspective and sometimes dark nature of his lyrics allow ballads such as “Will You” and “Bloodhound” to rise above ordinary rock clichés.  He also brings a steady rhythm guitar style to the proceedings, creating a latter day Richards/Woods vibe with lead guitarist To. To’s hypnotic and arching solos are reminiscent of Slash’s best work and are the perfect compliment to Perlic’s sometime dark lyrics. However it’s his rhythm work, in particular the opening riff of Prince Charles that really makes him a cut above the rest of the current axe slingers out there today. The band is rounded out by the killer rhythm section of Marco on bass and Roy on drums, a backbone that would make Messrs. Lee and Peart proud. The Portuguese rhythm section allows Komodo Dragon to seamlessly move from pop to punk to metal without missing a beat.
The album opens with the “Oral Obligation” whose moody opening would sound at home on any Sabbath or Alice in Chains record. Driven by To’s intricate guitar, the song explodes into a hook laden chorus worthy of any sing along. “Prince Charles” opens with a great sleazy sounding riff that chugs along behind the verse with lead singer Perlic exploring the higher ranges of his voice. Roy’s drum work is excellent as the band plows into another great sing-along chorus that ends with some excellent lead guitar work by To.

“Black Lung” showcases the bands punk influences and would feel right at home in a set list dropped in between Iggy Pop and the Ramones at the now defunct CBGB’s. “Dancers” takes punk inspired pop to a new level with a great chorus that sounds like Elvis Costello at his rollicking best. This tune represents everything that is great about Komodo Wagon, a rock band with a great pop sensibility.
The band slows it down for the ballad “Will You” which is carried by Troy Perlic’s haunting vocals and Marco’s intricate bass line. Perlic’s lyrics are a definite high point, transcending the usual laments of lost love in order to make this truly interesting. “Nothing Special” starts out with an almost cheery guitar riff that descends into darkness once the vocals hit.
The song echoes the best moments of the Smithereens with the poppy chorus belying the dark lyrical content. The song lulls you with its hypnotic verse before exploding into just a monster riff that opens the pre-chorus.
“Bloodhound” is a dark, brooding track, highlighted by the interplay of To’s guitar and Troy’s voice. Its triumph is in its simplicity with no sing along chorus or big finish and is a fine change of pace. “Citizen Doe” may be the finest rock track released this year; it’s slow and understated intro morphs in to an irresistibly funky riff driven track that explodes into a huge chorus with Troy’s anger spilling out of the speakers. This song contains some of the best vocal work on the album from the band as a whole with Perlic’s sneering lead the highlight. This song is a definite hit if given the chance on American rock radio.
“Cruel World picks up the tempo and hits you in the face before moving into a heartfelt almost forlorn chorus that while in stark contrast to the rest of song actually compliments the overall mood. The album closes strong with two songs that highlight the rhythm work of both guitar players. “Dead Idol” benefits from excellent guitar work that ranges from a simple intro riff to a climatic bluesy solo from To. As if to emphasize that this is one band that won’t be running out of ideas anytime soon, the album closes with “Hit T.V” is pure power pop that combines a driving backbeat with a hook-driven main riff. It’s a simple song that executed to perfection by this band and closes the album as strong as it started.
Bottom Line: this is a band that deserves to be heard and has huge cross-over potential.
Track Listing
1Oral Obligation
2) Prince Charles
3) Black lung
4) Dancers
5) Will You
6) Nothing Special
7) Bloodhound
8 Citizen Doe
9) Cruel World
10) Dead Idol
11) Hit T.V.
HRH Rating 9/10 - Hard Rock Haven

"Live Review of Troy Perlic"

“…Canadian Troy Perlic is one of the most charismatic front men around.” - Kerrang! Magazine UK


  • Featured Songs:  1) Amethyst 2) Demon 3) Lolita
  • available on iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere else online now
  • CITIZEN DOE (single / 4 song EP)
  • Featured Songs:  1) Citizen Doe 2) Black Lung 3) Dead Idol 4) Hit TV
  • DMDS Campus Radio Single Released - Dec 2013 
  • FM Rock Radio DMDS Single Release - Feb 2014
  • available everywhere online Feb 2014
  • - available everywhere online Feb 2014




A Living, Breathing, Beast of a Band. 

Recently arriving back to Vancouver, Canada after over a decade in the UK and Europe, Troy Perlic has assembled an incredible new 'all Canadian' line up for KOMODO WAGON which began touring in Spring 2013. 

The band has been received with wildly enthusiastic crowds throughout western Canadian venues (including a festival date with Clutch in August) and will released their first Official single "CITIZEN DOE" nationwide in February 2014 via DMDS and all Online Retailers. 

Expect to see 2 further Single Releases (each with it's own 4 song EP) later in late 2014 and mid 2015 before all 3 EP's are re-released as an LP in Summer.

KOMODO WAGON are always Rocking. Book them now!

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