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This month's Kompari Picks®™ features are Amazing Blues Recording Artists, I personally selected for "Kompari Picks the Blues Vol. I EP" - AVAILABLE SOON on iTunes, Amazon.com, mTraks, eMusic and more!


2. Hell At the House

Written By: Omar Cunningham

Born in Gadsden, Alabama Omar Cunningham has quickly positioned himself as one of the stars of the Modern Southern Soul/R & B world. His first experience singing professionally came as he backed a local R & B outfit dubbed Daybreak. After touring for some time he logged some studio hours by collaborating (according Omar's official bio) on records by Cameo ("In The Face Of Funk") and rapper Duice ("Dazzey Dukes") . Following this he, as part of the Small Town Boys, began opening shows for Cameo. He even played trumpet as part of the group's horn section! Soon he was flying solo and opening for late 90s R & B/Pop groups like Silk but it wasn't until 2003 that a record under his own name dropped. "Hell At The House" included the single "Check To Check", which became an irresistible smash in the South instantly raising his stature from obscurity to artist to watch. The following year he returned with an equally appealing hit, "I Get By" for Willie Clayton's End Zone Entertainment label. He returned with the label in 2006 with "Worth The Wait", then departed for Soul1st Records for what became his best disc thus far ("Time Served"), featuring the instant classic "My Life".

Website: http://www.soulbluesmusic.com/omarcunningham.htm
Email: soulbluesmusic@yahoo.com

6. Wish Upon A Star (Snippet)

Written By: DB Martin / DB Martin Group

Sounding like no other singer of his generation, DB Martin is an intense, emotional singer/songwriter who first achieved fame as lead singer and founder of the imaginary classic rock group The Ungrateful Living.

Martin's haunting, cinematic songs draw on classic rock and soul music influences, Beatlesque art-song, as well as thinking man's world music. He sings in an rich, viscerally explosive voice that "Stop, Rock and Roll" magazine's music critic Kamen Wendt calls "a voice from the music of the spheres that can take listeners from one magical state to another".

Since coming out of seclusion after the untimely death of Ungrateful Living band mate and best friend, Tevin Melnick, (and ensuing break up of the band) Martin has recorded one solo album entitled "Miracle Man". The title cut being an homage to slain Beatle front-man and childhood imaginary friend, John Lennon. He has fantasized about writing and performing songs for major motion pictures, and appearing on several late night talk shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman and The Conan O'Brien show.

DB plans to put out an imaginary box set of "many unreleased tracks in the vault" from the Ungrateful Living days.

Website: http://www.dbmartingroup.com
Email: barkingbird@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DB-Martin-Group/338181518935

7. Can I Hold Your Hand

Written By: Reu Davis

Reu Davis
An exceptional writer, producer, recording artist and performer of Blues, R&B and Southern Soul Music for many years, Davis has bounced from label to label releasing solid Johnnie Taylor-esque soul but has yet to get the commercial breakthrough he deserves. At 2005's Jackson Music Awards he received "The International Songwriter of the Year Award as he has written many other hit songs for other recording artists. As of this year he has released his 6th album of original material for his fifth label, Studio Showtime.

“Can I Hold Your Hand” from the album "Somebody Wants You" (Avanti 1997)

Website: www.1stopdistribution.com
Email: info@1stopdistribution.com


Kompari Picks the Blues Vol. I (EP)
Featured Artists:

Omar Cunningham
Reu Davis
LJ Echols
Michelle Miller
DB Martin

The full album also includes songs from:

Sherman Hunter
Bigg Joe
and more...