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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rappers Love Luv Too"

February 14th always includes a little mood music. I’m sure the slow jams were knockin’ even if the bed wasn’t rockin!

Rappers love luv too, and NYC rappers The Have-Knotz (Malik-16, Komp’L and Bobby) released a short concept mixtape yesterday, “Blue Valentine – The Aaliyah Mixtape” for the occasion.

The mixtape includes instrumentals from Aaliyah’s catalogue and deals with relationships between men and women- the good and the bad. “It’s female-friendly from a male point of view,” said Malik-16. “Most rap groups aren’t doing projects like this and [we] figured this would be a great way to introduce ourselves, by standing out and getting people prepared for our album which will be dropping at the end of spring.”

The Have-Knotz formed at the end of 2009; a natural progression from using the same recording space and producing music together through GemStars LLC. “We’re trying to bring something fresh, something exciting,” said Malik-16. “Groups have died down in Hip-Hop and so has fun. There aren’t many rappers willing to dedicate a whole project to the ups and downs of relationships and be creative about it.”

The group hopes to attract a female audience with music that women want to hear- something they feel is lacking in today’s hip hop music. “Plus,” adds Malik-16, “we get to show our ultimate appreciation for women by paying homage to one of the coolest and most beloved at the same time- Aaliyah.”

With Valentine’s Day having been such a hot topic among couples and singles alike, “Blue Valentine” will appeal to the lovers and the haters far beyond February 14th.

To download the mixtape, visit 16’s Candles today and get familiar!! - ximagonline.com

"Upstart Label Looking to Make Fourth Quarter Moves"

Founded by a close knit fraternity of friends and business associates; Edel Otero (co-owner), Marvin Vasquez (co-owner), Robert "Bobby" Brooks (co-owner), Divine "Komp'l" Thomas (President) and Ulysses Franco (CEO), the New York based label GEMSTARS LLC is preparing for an impressive introduction to their lead off artists.
GEMSTARS thrives on being an independent platform, where their determination and vigor to become an easy recognizable entity is of paramount importance. In achieving this notoriety, the tight knit faction understands that development and planning are the keys to unlimited success.

With a goal to rival the majors and birth both commercially viable and talented MCs, GEMSTARS and its founders have spent countless hours planning their entrance into the music industry. Developing their talent and ensuring their roster is equipped with a barrage of music to entice fans and critics into their think tank, they are gearing up to release a bevvy of projects in the final quarter of the year.

These mixtapes and albums which come from their lead off artists, Robert "Bobby" Brooks and Divine "Komp'l" Thomas are guaranteed to put this infantile outfit under the spotlight.
"We opted to go the independent route as between the five of us who founded the label we all have skills and talents to make this work," explains co-owner Edel Otero. "One also has to be passionate about what they do and we live and breathe this music."
So with an excess of skills to utilize and a couple of unique lyricists to deliver projects which will certainly highlight the company's potential the only direction for GEMSTARS is upwards.

"We want to be able to reach the masses and make sure our artists make a global splash," Edel continues. "We have a strong team, which is what is needed at the core of any foundation, where everyone knows their roles and through positive energy and undeniable talent we believe we are on the road to success."
- hiphopgame

"Divine intervention"

see link - femalefirst.co.uk

"Tunnel Vision"

A sense of style and a sense of passion lives through a solid rapper. NY's Divine "Komp'l Thomas has lived and breathed hip hop ever since he was young. Komp'l was fortunate enough to catch a break in a private show at the ever-so-popular Apollo Theater and caught the attention of Melle Mel and Afrika Bambaataa. With the support of friends and family, Komp'l only grew in his career through the years while taking into consideration his love for individuality and fashion. With this in mind, Komp'l has been featured in a Japanese Magazine for his fashion sense and fresh new look.

Komp'l debuts with a fourteen track mixtape and features production from Gemstars producers Marv, Bobby, and Majestic. After long hours, countless re-recording of tracks, and cooperation from the whole team, "Tunnel Vision" attempts to defy the rules of hip hop and make an impression on the music industry. With his skills and production, Komp'l ensures his music "has the power to bump in the club as well as appeal to true hip hop fans because of the wordplay."

Throughout "Tunnel Vision," Komp'l remains introspective while constantly attempting to validate his existence as an artist in the hip hop realm. As with many artists getting their start in the rap game, Komp'l spends a majority of his album displaying his skills and challenging his competition. With its funk beat, "So Cold" calls out to the opposition as Komp'l shows that his skills are not to be taken for granted. Chilling chimes and sythns flourish through "We Focus" as Komp'l shows his intent of working hard regardless if haters try to distract him. A hard bass hits in "Dat Boom Clap" as Komp'l shows how his team is unmatched and disregards all haters. Although the beat and rhymes are skillful, I can't help but focus on Komp'l's attempt to make sound effects with "boom" and "clap" on the hook as it was slightly distracting and amateur.

However, Komp'l definitely has his mind set in the right direction in terms of his career and music. He remains positive and hopeful through his experience as he reflects on his career as an artist. In "I Jog," Komp'l sends out a clear message about taking his time to reach the top while others race to gain fame and shows his true dedication for the music. Here, Komp'l speeds up his rhymes, but at times seems difficult to comprehend. Also, Komp'l makes reference to different cartoon characters throughout the track with seems unmethodical.

"Objective" and "More Than Jus a Dream" unveils how Komp'l strives to rise up as an artist as well as helping his family in the process. Komp'l reminds us that his dream is attainable with hard work and dedication as he says:

"As a minority
We're expected to stroll in last
But we can do anything
Obama showed us that
I'm trying to see places I never go
And meet people thought I'd never know
This is more than just a dream
I want money thought I never touch
And this is possible in God we trust
This is more than just a dream"

In the last track Komp'l blows us away with the "Thinkin' Process" as it provides insight on what goes on inside his mind during this whole process of building his name. As the most introspective track on "Tunnel Vision," Komp'l shows his vulnerability and openness to grow as an artist. He displays his appreciation for the art and willingness to work hard to achieve greatness.

The dedication and hope is definitely apparent within Komp'l as displayed in "Tunnel Vision." Although he spends a good amount of time redeeming himself to his competition, untested artists tend to follow this trend of living up to everyone's expectations. However, Komp'l provides some insight into his character, style, and potential as his rhymes remain creative. With some fine-tuning, the potential for excellence is endless. It's evident that the passion within Komp'l and the yearning for success is the make of a true hip hop artist who will definitely reach great heights.
- RapReviews.com


Tunnel Vision - http://www.mediafire.com/?b1ddjsxbbo2ajyw
Channel Surfing/Gimme Dat - http://www.mediafire.com/?bkd34ldqenq



There are some traits in life you cant learn or pick up from others. Just as there are some features which are often too hard to replicate and imitate no matter how hard you try. Life within the confines of the music industry today is an experience where individuality and ability are characteristics that are imperative to survive. If you are looking to secure longevity, you must be head and shoulders above everyone else.

Hailing from the city which never sleeps and having been raised between the hustle and bustle of Harlem, NY and the more relaxed pace of Newton Grove, NC, comes Divine ‘Komp’l’ Thomas. It was through an education procured from his older sister into the greats of Hip-Hop when a youngster that Komp’l became exposed to the likes of Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J and Run DMC. This introduction, needless to say, had him hooked. Fascinated by the legends and eager to succeed himself it didn’t take long for Komp’l to start putting pen to paper and mastering the art of rhyme.

Recognizing that today’s industry is void of those who take a chance while displaying originality, Komp’l set to work on his master plan. His first performance ever was a private showcase at the iconic Apollo theatre in the depths of Harlem. It was here where the young wordsmith caught the attention of Hip-Hop icon and affiliate of Melle Mel and Afrika Bambaataa, Busy Bee. Seeing how the select audience reacted to his words only inspired him to continue his assault on the music industry.

But being armed with a bevy of metaphors and punchlines was, as Komp’l himself states, ‘not the only thing that was going to secure him a prosperous future.’ A true advocate of style and fashion, Komp’l has already been snapped by the notorious Japanese magazine 'Custom Low Riding.' "These journalists stopped and asked me if they could interview me while I was just kicking it in Soho," the subtle fashionista shares. "I guess it was wearing that caught their eye and I can't lie I was flattered." Qualities such as these are what will surely propel this 23 year old further into the spotlight. “I take risks with clothing and treat my wardrobe like my music,” he explains. “I try to standout and do what others aren’t doing.”

Linking with a group of like-minded individuals in creating GemStars LLC, an emerging indie powerhouse, Komp’l has secured the piece of the puzzle that many up and coming artists fail to develop; a strong team behind the scenes. GemStars is made up of individuals who each bring something different to the table in order to launch their artists to the highest of heights. Through the mechanics of this collective Komp’l has already taken to the stage at some of the most notorious venues throughout NYC such as Don Hills and The Annex.

With the world is sitting comfortably in the palm of his hand and backed up by a competent group of individuals Komp’l is gearing up to release his debut project this fall entitled Tunnel Vision, allowing fans an intricate look into the mindset of one of New York’s freshest voices. Determined to give to Hip-Hop and its fans something original yet invigorating, this style icon has the potential to lead a new generation of artists right into the mainstream, all the while ensuring the culture keeps its authenticity firmly in tact.